I remember this ad everywhere in the early 90’s, but I don’t think I ever actually played this game. There’s some great artwork here and I love the colors, but I believe the game got pretty bad reviews and I steered clear. Part of the problem with a lot of the old NES games is that it was hard to really feel the power of being a mutant like Wolverine, with such graphical and gameplay limitations. Wolverine was already popular by this point (thus getting his own game) but he wasn’t quite at the level where he was everyone’s favorite X-Man.

Anyone ever play this and have a epic showdown with Sabretooth? Did I miss out, or was this one I should have skipped? I love that the game has a cameo from Jubilee… I mean, it’s Jubilee! How much help could she have possibly been?

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  • Paul says:

    Angry Video Game nerd talked about this one and he didn't give it much praise. I don't think we missed out.

  • Mario says:

    Trust me, it's crap.

  • This sounds like something I need to get around to watching.

  • Sounds good enough for me. It's pretty odd for me to have skipped a game like this, back then, so I must have heard some pretty bad things about it then too.

  • erak82k says:

    Obscure image for many, but very familiar to me for sure. Never played Wolverine or X-Men games though other than Sega Genesis X-Men.

  • Poet says:

    I played it when it came out. I enjoyed it back then, but the deal with his claws was stupid. You could pop the claws manually, but they ticked pieces of his lifebar off when they were out. And, I don't think he had a healing factor in that game. So, you pretty much had to run around clawless unless you found some health power-ups. It had cameos from Jubilee, Havok, Magneto and Sabretooth. Sabretooth was a rough end boss. You couldn't kill him. You had to keep hammering him until you pushed him up and over a cliff edge.

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