There are really two levels of nerd… Dungeons & Dragons level and not. A jock might play with a toy. The school bully might engage in some secret World of Warcraft. A cheerleader might read a comic book. A redneck might build Gundam models. However, in order to be into Dungeons & Dragons, you have to be a full blown geek.

Dungeons and Dragons might be the greatest invention ever for hardcore nerds, too. Why? Because the game requires you to have friends. Now all your fellow nerds will huddle together on a sweaty Saturday night and fight orcs with their +2 mace. Make sure to improve your THAC0 or you’re toast.

The people at D&D must have known their target demographic was the same folks who read comic books, because D&D ads have appeared in there for decades. This classic one appeared throughout a good portion of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Sometimes Dungeons and Dragons would get the whole back cover a comic.

Sadly, I never played Dungeons and Dragons much. My brother had a few of the books and stuff, but I never really had enough friends for a full session of D&D. Plus the friends I did have as a kid, I sure as hell wasn’t going to lose by inviting them to play Dungeons and Dragons. I dabbled a few times, but not much. The books themselves were cool though as we would use them to influence some of our playing as a child, from characters to powers. I also logged in plenty of play time on my old Tandy computer for the D&D computer games.

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