Two times the characters and three times the action? Double Dragon III promised to amp up the gameplay in it’s NES release. I don’t know if I ever actually played this one or not, but I know that the original Double Dragon lacked that two player simultaneous gameplay that was so much fun in the original arcade version. Bad Dudes suffered the same fate, but at least Double Dragon managed to crank out a few more games. They even eventually teamed up with BattleToads, that one time.

Double Dragon hung on to relative fame for a while longer, spawning a cartoon series and even an ill-fated movie… Long after the time it could have been a profitable franchise. I’m surprised Double Dragon and games like it haven’t made more of a hit on Xbox. The original TMNT Arcade game was a bit hit on the ol’ Xbox, because of it’s similar gameplay. Seems like now would be the time for Double Dragon to really amp up the comeback.

4 Responses to Classic Comic Ads: Double Dragon III

  • Mario says:

    2 for 2 Newt. Another crap game.

    I'm with you on some kind of revisit, though… long overdue, if you ask me. I actually recently picked up Tyco's Billy & Jimmy figures. Pure crap, yet quite charming.

  • Wes says:

    I had this on PC — the game actually seemed pretty impressive to me. Of course, that was back when most of the DOS games in this genre looked like ass, so anything with cool graphics and decent sound effects seemed amazing… and the fact that it was bloody impossible to beat didn't mean as much since just about every DOS beat-em-up game couldn't be beaten (TMNT: Manhattan Missions being the exception). I seem to recall getting kinda far into it, though, so a master could probably have finished the game.

  • I had those back in the day. I didn't love them, but I liked the idea behind them. I wasn't a big fan of Billy & Jimmy being kung-fu fighters or whatever. It was more fun to me when they were just like badasses, who knew karate or whatnot. With the cartoon and toyline, they tried to make it more like super powered kung fu fighters or some crap.

  • My favorite DOS game that looked like ass was Smash the Smurfs. Which clearly wasn't a licensed game. Never have been able to find that one again.

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