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This Classic Comic Ad comes from the days when Hasbro ruled the world of wrestling. Hasbro’s WWF line was in some ways a step backwards for wrestling toys and yet at the same time, it also represented a great step forward. With tons of intricate detail, cool accessories and one of the most colorful roster assortments of all time. Hasbro’s WWF line just about had it all and some awesome commercials featuring WWF superstars like Macho Man, Roddy Piper and the Ultimate Warrior didn’t hurt.

This advertisement is for Toys R Us, which was your go to place for Hasbro WWF. I recall once going into Toys R Us and they had a whole wall of WWF Hasbro figures. Just a ridiculously huge section, not unlike something you’d see in a commercial. These days Toys R Us still has a decent selection of Mattel’s WWE figures, but it’s just not the same. I can’t believe the old ring was only $12.99 either! I had to build myself a ring out of various junk around the house.

There’s a great assortment of figures here, with classics like the Big Bossman and Brutus Beefcake along with the staples like Andre, Hogan, Macho and the Warrior. I’m not entirely sure how Akeem got in there, but maybe someone was a fan of the Twin Towers. Those old caricature figures from Hasbro just had a lot of charm. Also fun to note that TRU is making sure you know they take credit cards, which is an absolutely antiquated idea these days.

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  • Howie Decker says:

    Awesome ad! Yeah, I had a bunch of these figs but for some reason the LJN ones bring more fond memories. Wish I still had that Hasbro Macho Man though. And the fact that the belt could fit on the table attached to the ring was a game-changer!

    It’s a amazing how many of our collective memories involve entire walls or aisles of ONE kind of toy. Now there are no lines that are given more than 1/3 of an aisle at best. GI Joe used to be an entire aisle floor to ceiling AND the end cap. That really happened, right? We’re not over-romanticizing it are we?!

    • Newton says:

      I know right? It seems as though it couldn’t be real, but it did happen. I’m not entirely sure what changed within the toy industry that stores don’t carry that sort of selection anymore.

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