Oh WCW how I miss you…

Today’s classic comic ad comes to us from the old days of the NES and a look back at this gem known as WCW Wrestling. The ad features the Road Warriors in total badass mode, with some smaller photos of other WCW stars on the side. The game itself didn’t get a lot of attention, but for those that actually played it, awesomeness was in store. The cart was actually a slightly retooled Famicom game, “Superstar Pro Wrestling”.

When you booted this bad boy up, you heard the voice of Paul Heyman shouting, “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING!” in surprisingly good quality. The game allowed you to do things that wouldn’t happen in any other US wrestling games until the N64 era… You actually were able to PICK your own moves. Not all your moves, but several. It was really way ahead of it’s time.

The game had tons of holds, finishers and even a special cameo by Andre The Giant in a mask! It was of course, insanely hard in single player. Tag team matches kind of sucked because you could break up pins, but you appeared as a strange blanked out character instead of your actual sprite.

The graphics were paltry, but not much worse than any other NES wrestling game. Oh and everyone wore pants. Even guys who just wore tights like Ric Flair, got pants. Who knows why. Apparently the game couldn’t handle shirts. So that kind of blew.

Sometimes a fan would throw a wrench at you. You could then use the wrench to whack people over the head with. Man, this game was awesome. I should have played in non-stop in 1989.

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