Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Party Time! EXCELLENT!

Today’s Classic Comic Ad comes to us from the summer of 1992 when Wayne’s World ruled the… uh, world? After being a popular SNL sketch for a couple years, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey starred in an unlikely hit film. It instantly revived Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” into unparallel cult status. It also made the stars of the film into household names.

Despite being a big hit, the Wayne’s World franchise didn’t really spin off into much merchandise. Bill & Ted had cartoons and toys, Beavis & Butthead had video games, but Wayne’s World had a VCR board game! It’s almost fitting in a way, given that the two characters were lovable losers who likely would have played a VCR board game.

I never played this game. In fact the only VCR game I ever recall playing was Atmosfear, The Harbingers. That game was awesome by the way (future post?) and I somehow suspect that this game wasn’t as good. VCR games had been all the rage since the 1980’s, but honestly I don’t know of a single one that was a bone fide hit. This comic ad is cluttered and very unappealing in a way that’s indicative of the early 1990’s. However it should be noted that this game’s VHS boasts 45 minutes of original Wayne and Garth goodness, so perhaps that’s interesting. It was also made by our old pal Mattel.

As usual, I’ll put out a call to readers… Anyone ever play this game or have it?

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