It’s time for a double dose in today’s Classic Comic Ad as this ad is split between two companies. The top ad is rather uninteresting to be honest, as it’s advertising a company that sells back issues of comics. Certainly it would be nice to catch up on those old issues, but that’s not really the star of this show.

Instead turn your attention to the lower half where the Hulk guest stars for the Boys Town National Hotline. With the tagline “We ALL must deal with the MONSTER WITHIN!”

I don’t have anything against the Boys Town Hotline, but I do wonder what problems this kid could have that would be comparable to being the Hulk. And if the Boys Town Hotline can solve the problems of the Hulk, why didn’t Bruce Banner ever call?

Anyone know if this number still works? Do you think I’m too old to call? I have a lot of mental issues. Maybe I don’t turn into a raging green purple pants wearing beast, but I got issues, man. I review toys for crying out loud!

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