Star Wars Comic Ad

This Classic Comic Ad from the 1970’s has it all. Not only is it advertising one of the most popular toy properties of all time, but it’s doing it in a fashion that let’s you know how different the era was. Star Wars was not yet fully ingrained into our society that everyone knew everything about it. Like the fact that the artwork here has Darth Vader looking more like the Knight of Darkness than himself.

All of the characters look a bit off, but the artwork is still pretty amazing. It’s as if Star Wars went through a vintage sci-fi filter. All of the art here was done by the Joe Kubert school of cartoon art. The art almost looks like it was done by someone who had never seen Star Wars and wasn’t really familiar with the characters. It’s really great stuff.

And then there’s the prices, which are ridiculously cheap at $3.29 per figure. Even the concept of mail ordering an action figure from a comic book store seems absurd. Perhaps the craziest, is the idea of sending your credit card number THROUGH THE MAIL to some random store. Identity theft clearly wasn’t a concern back then. There’s even a little blurb for resident New Yorkers to stop on by their mall location. Last but not least, how can you not love the advertisement when it mentions Hans Solo. I presume that’s the Danish version of Han Solo?!

This ad is just a neat time capsule of the very early days of Star Wars. The mania had begun and the property was already proving to be a cash cow, but things were quite a bit different. Great art, cool retro concepts and vintage low prices make for a great comic ad.

2 Responses to Classic Comic Ad: Star Wars Figures

  • Mario says:

    I remember one very similar to this, but for the Mego's World's Greatest Super-Heroes.

  • JayT says:

    That's some really cool artwork. I do have to say though, $3.29 per figure really isn't all that cheap. Adjusted for inflation that would be like $11 a figure today, which is pretty much what we pay nowadays.

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