Good ol’ Game Genie. It’s hard to imagine now that the Game Genie was once considered a “controversial” item by many game console companies. The biggest of course was Nintendo, who actually sued Galoob (who put out the device) saying it infringed on copyright law. Sega on the other hand actually approved of the Game Genie… So much so that they gave it an official seal of approval.

This ad from the early 90’s touts just that. Sega was on board with Game Genie and the two teamed up to put forth the idea that with the Sega Genesis and the Game Genie, anything was possible. They do what Nintendon’t I guess. Of course Nintendo eventually embraced (or gave up resisting) against the Game Genie as well. Although Galoob has been bust for many years, their old patent for the Game Genie actually didn’t lapse until May of last year.

I actually had the Sega Genesis version of the Game Genie but I can’t for the life of me remember why. I think maybe my Uncle gave it to me? I only ever recall using it on Sega to help beat Kingpin on the old Spider-man game. Beyond that I would just occasionally use it for random cheats. I remember when I first saw the Game Genie being used on an NES and I was able to make the Mario Brothers have moon jumps. Blew. My. Mind.

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  • - Beth, the GF says:

    We never had Sega, which I know I've told you. We didn't have a lot of game systems growing up – BUT, I did have the Game Genie for my Game Boy. Which I adored (the Game Boy, that is). I actually don't think I used the Game Genie that much, even though I had it. I get addicted and just play until I pass through it all – hence why I beat your Mario game I bought for you!

  • I don't think I ever saw the one for the Game Boy.

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