The last time I did one of these Classic Comic Ads, it was for our old pal Big Jim from Mattel. Now we’re taking a look at a muscle man of another sort entirely… It’s former Governor and Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger! This was very early in his career as he appeared in many vintage comic books hocking some of Joe Weider’s workout secrets.

Apparently in only 30 days you can be quite buff and eventually, Arnold size! At least that’s what the advertisement seems to indicate. You’ll also have women falling all over themselves to get at your muscular body. Only real “manly” and “virile” men can do that. These vintage ads seem really predatory (no pun intended) to me. Clearly most of the people reading the comics wouldn’t look anything like this, so Weider and the advertisers prey upon the insecurity of nerds by telling them to put down the funny books and start pumping up.

I’ll never have a body like Arnold’s, but at least I can buy the NECA Predator Dutch figure. Take that 30 year old ad meant to emasculate me!

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