I thought for sure that today’s Classic Comic Ad was LJN’s attempt to cash in on the fame of NBA Jam for Gameboy, by trying to pawn their Gameboy game off as a portable version of NBA Jam. You’ll notice the key phrase that “NBA’s JAMMIN’ on Gameboy”, but this ad actually predates Midway’s 1993 arcade release of NBA Jam. I suppose it’s possible that Midway came up with the idea based off of this ad, but maybe everybody just liked to say JAM in the 90’s.

It’s interesting that this game hypes strange features like “real sounds and moves” of NBA players, when it clearly couldn’t produce that sort of product on the Gameboy. Alas, I never played this one, but it looks like a bunch of mini games instead of an actual basketball game. This was still in the era when it was pretty new and rare to have both a licensed NBA basketball game, but also a basketball game that was actually a full game of b-ball. Anywho, I assume this wasn’t a full game of portable ball, but at least you can “horse around with Charles Barkley”… That sounds like fun even today!

For the record, I never played this game, but I logged tons of hours in NES All-Pro Basketball where I usually played as the Chicago Zephyrs. Because having a team named after a is pretty freaking cool. I also played as the LA Breakers. Good times were had.

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