There used to be a great time when we had secondary “major” toy companies like Remco. I love all the old Remco stuff, as some of it was really cool. Remco was the kind of company that would license AWA to make toys or in this case, give the Mighty Crusaders a bunch of figures. On the surface it doesn’t make sense, but underneath was some pretty cool figures.

Certainly these weren’t a hit and you can tell by this comic ad, which advertises they were only going to be at K-Mart as a likely part of the problem. Of course you have to remember that when these came out, appearing at K-Mart was a pretty big deal. Remco had a lot of great lines though, even if they were all short lived and while this classic ad isn’t that exciting, it does explain all the figures in the series and give you a lot of information.

I miss toy ads like this in comics. I remember when I first discovered that there were X-Men figures, via a comic ad. I imagine someone was just as excited as I was, when they saw this Mighty Crusaders ad just a few years before. I don’t think comics even run toy ads now, it’s all deodorant and power drinks these days.

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  • Joseph Tages says:

    Even worse, all comics ads are mostly in-house, meaning they exclusively advertise their own merchandise. Marvel is all about that now: No room for the little guy. This is the first time I've seen the Mighty Crusaders ad. I remember Remco and K-Mart running ads in comics for Sgt. Rock, Warlord, and Saga of Crystar and I saw those a lot, but I missed this one somehow. Remco later ran some ads for the Karate Kid and American Defense lines with photos of the actual figures, which means that sales were improving as the 80's chugged along. The only figure I got from the Mighty Crusaders line was the Brain Emperor just because he was laying there gathering dust for around a buck or two, so I got him. Of course, the other seven looked way cooler than this dude, that's why he was the one guy left warming the pegs. Fun times, bro. Fun times.

  • Yeah Brain Emperor is probably the worst guy, but I can imagine that he was hanging around and somebody had to clear him out. His shield looks pretty cool. Plus it doubles as a rape whistle!

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Wanted the Fox coz he looked like The Black Panther.

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