Mego Aquaman Shark Ad

Today’s Classic Comic Ad ties into Mego Month which is painfully chugging along. I have a soft spot for the Mego Aquaman (and Aquaman in general) so this classic ad from the old Heroes World catalog, makes for an awesomely aquatic one-two punch. What makes this interesting is that it’s for the famed Aquaman versus the Great White Shark set. Even though Aquaman can control sea creatures, somehow his battle with a big shark, is a natural fit. It certainly didn’t hurt that this came out around the time that Jaws was insanely popular.

GI Joe Comic Ad

The art is used in the ad is actually “reproduction art” which was pretty common in the old days of printing. They were typically done for cheap newspapers and black and white circulars. It’s interesting that this version is colored and you can see that the original photo was redrawn by hand in the sample below, which I dug up on the Mego Museum. It’s always fun to see Aquaman and while many lament this set as sort of lame and it wasn’t apparently the biggest seller for Mego… It’s become one of the more valuable Mego pieces these days. Those darn sharks are hard to track down!

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