Here’s a look at the old Intellivision version of MOTU. The artwork is pretty cool, as so much MOTU stuff was. There is an interesting variant of Tri-Klops, though. I wonder if MOTUC will ever see a Tri-Klops in this yellow paint deco? It also looks like they just forgot to paint in all of Beastman’s face.

The most unique part of this ad from 1983 is how many legal copyright notices there are. We see these a lot on the MOTUC packages these days, but it looks really odd in this game advertisement. Especially with the * to indicate an additional trademark notice. Not even Barry Bonds has this many asterisks by his name.

4 Responses to Classic Comic Ad: Masters of the Universe Intellivision Game

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Very cool ad. Regarding the colors on Beast Man and Tri-Klops: Don't give Matty any ideas. LOL! They might include these two in their subscription program instead of new characters. That would be scraping the very bottom of the repaint barrel.

    I have a lot of old comics featuring that ad. Intellivision consoles were to Atari as a Lexus is to a Ford. I never knew of a kid who owned one. Then you had Colecovision, which was probably the equivalent of a Ferrari during the early 80's video game boom.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Never played any console machine before the NES/Super Famicom,I like these ads unlike the 90's up which had Extreme caricatures of the kids who play these games.

  • Oh yeah, it would have been a kid, his skateboard, a backwards hat and he would have been like, "Masters of the Universe is omega RAD!"… I remember those sorts of ads, lol.

  • Good point. I don't recall much of anyone owning any of these, though I may have had a relative who had a Colecovision. Not sure.

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