It’s kind of strange how much influence Cyndi Lauper had on the early 1980’s wrestling boom. She was something of a pop culture phenomenon and why she ever hooked up with wrestling, is beyond me. It probably held her back once Madonna burst on the scene, but maybe it was just part of a larger “sell out” on her part. Anyway, point being, her teaming up with Hulk Hogan caused the “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling” era to head into the stratosphere. Along the way came the Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling cartoon show, which was part of a Cyndi Lauper themed CBS Saturday Morning cartoon lineup.

In addition to the scariest image of Hulk Hogan I’ve ever seen, that neither looks like the real Hogan or the cartoon Hogan, this ad shows us that the Berenstain Bears and Muppet Babies & Monsters were part of the lineup. I can confess that I do not recall Muppet Babies ever being packaged with a Muppet Monsters show, but apparently it was. The Berenstain Bears were sort of like the Waltons, but with bears. But the real draw is this Rock ‘n’ Wrestling image of Hogan. He appears to be wearing black and white striped trunks. It’s just odd all around.

4 Responses to Classic Comic Ad: Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

  • Nick Ahlhelm says:

    I remember watching Muppet Babies and switching the channel before the far worse live action Monsters show started. I remember it didn’t last long, but Wikipedia tells me it didn’t even go a month before being replaced by a second half hour of Muppet Babies.

    • Newton says:

      Yeah I don’t recall it airing but I saw that same post. I imagine that’s why it’s not even a faint memory in my mind.

  • Ronnie says:

    Little Muppet Monsters was a show that lasted 3 episodes of the second season of Muppet Babies. It was a weird little show, with animated recurring segments of the normal Muppets and live-action segments with new characters. There’s a bit more on MuppetWiki, and some of the segments were made into Muppet Babies imagination spots later.

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