While it will certainly seem passé in today’s world of know everything at the drop of a hat, knowledge wasn’t as widely available before the internet or even cable television. Now we take for granted the fact that there are no less than three channels devoted to explaining nature’s mysteries and a wealth of information at the drop of a few key strokes on Google. However in the 1960’s, that was a different story entirely.

Today’s Classic Comic Ad isn’t really an ad at all. Gold Key Comics, seeking to separate themselves from the pack began to include little encyclopedia-like factoids about a variety of things. They called them, Keys of Knowledge and tackled a variety of subjects. This included mini comic gives some interesting facts about the creature known as a Crocodile and helps to not only educate kids, but enthrall them as well. This was a natural tie-in to the Phantom comic in which this ad originated. The Phantom was fighting crime in Africa, why not learn about some of the dangers and perils of the area?

These little snippets were likely many children’s only exposure to such knowledge as encyclopedias were quite costly in the era. If you missed an episode of Wild Kingdom about Crocs, you could count on Gold Key to give you the skinny. Of course it was also a good way to convince Mom and Dad to buy you the latest comic adventure.

“Look Ma, there’s honest to goodness learning in here!”

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