It’s time for an old classic comic ad, all the way from 1977. Marvel was getting ready to debut it’s Godzilla comic book and they advertised it pretty extensively. As it turns out the Godzilla comic was fairly successful and Godzilla was actually weaved into lots of storylines within the main Marvel universe.

The problem was that Toho only gave Marvel rights to Godzilla, as Marvel was too cheap to pay for Mothra, Gigan, Rodan or Ghidorah. Nobody but Godzilla appeared, so Marvel made up new bad guys for him to fight. One of them, mad scientist Doctor Demonicus supposedly captured Godzilla, mutated him and enslaved him to do his bidding. At least if 1985’s Iron Man #183 is to be believed.

Yup, when Marvel lost the license to Godzilla, they made changes to him and “snuck” him back into comics here or there. This new version is never named and looks a bit different. Anywho, it’s pretty neat that the Marvel Universe has lots of little Godzilla touches throughout it. Who would have imagined that?

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