Here’s another blast from the past, a classic comic ad for GI Joe trading cards. The interesting thing about these cards is that they appear to be based off of the GI Joe comics, more so than the toys. Not that there is anything wrong with that (they were being advertised in a Marvel comic no less) but 1991 sure seemed like a late time to be trying cards based off the comics. They were made by a company called Impel which I don’t recall doing much else, but I’ve never followed cards much.

Another interesting note about these cards is that although they followed the comics, they weren’t just reprints of old pictures. All of the artwork was new. Moreover they included details about the Marvel Comics GI Joe storylines that didn’t make it into the books. Stuff like the fates of Crystal Ball and Cobra-La… Or at least that’s what tells me. I may have to track down a set of these now. Anyone collect these back in the day?

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    I did. I liked how they kept up to date with the comics continuity. They had categories for the founding members, deceased Joes and Cobras, plus new recruits for 1991, including guys like Grunt who had just received an updated figure. Impel was HUGE in the early 90's card market and produced the first quality Marvel and DC card sets, including the Joe Jusko Marvel Masterworks which were a hit with collectors. I think Marvel bought the company shortly before going bankrupt around 1996.

  • WildWill says:

    Yeah, I had a set of those too at some point – they WAY overproduced and were remaindered years later. Even now I bet you could find some in some older card or comic book stores/conventions. I believe there was also a complete set in a special GI Joe locker box.

    Later Comic Images also made a GI Joe set which included photos of prototypes and other cool ephemera.

  • remial says:

    I have the complete set. its probably somewhere here in my apartment.

  • Paul says:

    Dude, I'm giving away these cards to people who buy Joe related stuff on Dinosaur Toy Vault.

    Anyway, I opened a box of these that I had sitting around for a long ass time. I didn't even have a full set in it! Thankfully, I had some of them when I was a kid so I was able to complete it.

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