Its hard to figure out exactly what Hasbro was thinking when they introduced the Intruders to the Adventure Team in 1976. These “aliens” were about the strangest match-up for GI Joe’s Adventure Team, that one could imagine. Certainly an invader from outer space was a groovy idea for a villain, but is this what you typically think of when it comes to aliens? Advertised as a “Strongman from Another World” the Intruders were squatty, cavemen-like figures that had poor articulation and no shoes. This guy makes a terrible enemy for GI Joe.

I suspect and others have too, that perhaps the Intruder was supposed to be something else and Hasbro just slapped the GI Joe Adventure Team logo on it to make it sell. Certainly that makes more sense than thinking Hasbro actually spent time developing this hugging caveman from another world as the arch rival of the AT. Encino Man is hardly a worthy threat to the Adventure Team and he ranks among the lowest points of the line.

This old school ad also shows off the “Eagle Eye” GI Joe Adventure Team, which was being introduced around the same time. The Eagle Eye effect is less than impressive in comic form. As a toy, yes, it’s pretty cool that he can look around, but in a comic it’s literally just Joe moving his eyes. He also looks cross-eyed in one panel. That’s not a very good sell!

I guess if it’s any consultation, this mini-comic which serves as an ad, does manage to introduce two concepts in a short amount of time. It also makes the Intruder seem quite a bit cooler than the actual product. Hasbro would repeat this formula in TV commercials for the line with a crazy little jingle stating: “The Intruder is the enemy of GI Joe!” Yeah… Thanks for that clarification.

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