It was back last November, when I highlighted a Spider-man Hotline game which you played over the phone. Marvel must have really liked the idea, because Ghost Rider had a hotline game of his own. This one even got a two page spread! The game seems along the same sort of lines as the Spider-man version, although on this particular game you only press the * key to gain powers. The rules sound insanely difficult to me. You have to answer in specific time sequences and such to be considered correct.

Since this game came a little later, it’s of course MORE EXPENSIVE! $1.95 for the first minute and $.95 each additional minute. That’s pretty expensive, especially when you consider a comic itself was only running about $1.25 when this ad originated. Personally I’d rather spent my $2 a minute on one of these hotlines:

I wonder if the girls on the other end would have freaked out when they heard my fantasy was to have them come over and play GI Joes and Ninja Turtles? Not like I ever could have gotten my parent’s permission to call either line.

2 Responses to Classic Comic Ad: Ghost Rider Hotline

  • Joseph Tages says:

    LOL! I bet the girls would have preferred playing video games than man those crazy phone lines. I remember I stopped reading comics around the time that ad came out. The Ghost Rider art is very Image-like, which was all the rage by the mid-90's.

  • wesitron says:

    God, I miss USA Up All Night.

    "Pick up the phooooooone!" 🙂

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