Today’s Classic Comic Ad introduces us to Mystic Quest, which much like our last Classic Comic Ad Dragon Quest, tries to downplay it’s roleplaying roots. Mystic Quest is a spin-off of Final Fantasy, but unlike Dungeons and Dragons… It does carry the Final Fantasy name on the cover.

It was billed as the world’s first roleplaying game designed for the entry-level players. It’s supposedly a mind blowing experiance according to this advertisement. Outside a few nerds playing this naked, I doubt anyone ever lost their shorts over it. The game was designed specifically for the “dumber” American audience and was simplified so that kids who loved Mario, would like this too.

Square had hoped this game would be a big hit and allow them to expand the RPG element into more of the mainstream market. This advertisement shows just how much excitement they had over the game. Unfortunately, the game was quite a bit of a bomb, as it contained enough RPG elements to turn away the casual gamers it was trying to attract and yet, lacked enough hardcore RPG and Final Fantasy elements to satisfy true fans of the series. It has since become a bit of a legend in it’s failure.

Final Fantasy wouldn’t really become mainstream until Final Fantasy VII on the Sony Playstation. That would both mark the peak and the beginning of the fall for the franchise. It’s still trying to capture that Final Fantasy VII magic, but alas, nobody is trying to capture the magic of Mystic Quest.

2 Responses to Classic Comic Ad: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

  • PrfktTear says:

    I actually really enjoyed Mystic Quest, its the only Final Fantasy game I've ever really played… actually, the only RPG game I've ever really played for that matter.

  • Sounds like you were the perfect demo for the game. That was definitely the people they were trying to target… However it also says that they failed if it didn't make you want to play other RPG games.

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