Today’s Classic Comic Ad comes to us from the US Marvel edition of the Doctor Who comics. For 23 issues in the mid 1980’s, Marvel comics reprinted old Doctor Who Magazine comic stories featuring the Fourth and Fifth Doctors. Up until IDW started reprinting and making their own Doctor Who comic a few years ago, these Marvel comics were the only Doctor Who comics available in the states.

What’s particularly great about this ad (aside from the awesome Tom Baker and Dalek picture) is that it’s an advertisement for Doctor Who conventions. This isn’t something you normally see in comic books and shows just how alive the property was in the United States at the time. The bottom half is for a “Doctor Who Giftshop” that will send you all sorts of neat things like an LP of the theme, cassette tapes of special effects sounds or even a Dalek Pencil case.

I find it especially interesting to see that you can get this store to import the UK Doctor Who Magazine for only $2.50! Anyone who has tried to get the Doctor Who Magazine imported into the US now, knows, it’s very expensive these days. I wonder if this Doctor Who Shop located in Garden City, New York is still around?

I’ll be reviewing some classic Doctor Who comics in the weeks ahead. My GF was nice enough to pick me up a couple of the IDW collected books of the Fourth Doctor at Christmas. For now though, enjoy this little teaser (from a different publisher) of the era.

6 Responses to Classic Comic Ad: Doctor Who Convention

  • Bill says:

    There was a DW Con in Boston?! How did I not know of this? I woulda been first in line! I wonder what it was like. Comic Cons in the area in the 80's were pretty dismal, so I imagine a DW con was like a glorified flea market.

    Why aren't there any DW cons in the USA nowadays?

  • - Beth, the GF says:

    Who knew there is a Doctor Who cookbook? Now that I know one of our libraries has it, I'm totally getting it.

  • I imagine it just gets rolled into the other cons these days. I know WhoNA has looked at getting some kind of con together, though.

  • kngfu says:

    I used to go to the Creation WHO cons back in the 80's. $12 to get in and autographs were free. That's the reason I don't go to cons today.

  • Shaun says:

    "Why aren't there any DW cons in the USA nowadays?"

    There are! And, in fact, the largest Doctor Who convention in the world (dedicated solely to Doctor Who) is in Los Angeles, happens every February, and takes place next weekend! It's called Gallifrey One; the website is at We have dozens of guests, including from the old and new series.

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    I went with my dad to Creation's 1986 convention in Chicago. We met George Takei along with Marvel artists Al Milgrom and John Romita Jr. They were screening Colin Baker's initial season as the Sixth Doctor before they were run on PBS. Creation really had their act together and it was a shame to see them go.

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