Today’s Classic Comic Ad is like one of it’s main characters, it embodies good versus evil. It’s Marvel’s Crystar toy line from Remco. This 1983 ad shows off all the core characters and reminds you that it’s available at K-Mart. I don’t know if it was a line exclusive thing or not, but K-Mart was still probably the biggest major player back then. In recent years K-Mart has tried to make more of a grab for the toy market, which I can appreciate.

The ad itself shows off nice artwork and it depicts all the principle characters. I do think a little story or biography on the line might have helped it be a little more clear, as this is a bit vague. Of course any kid who saw the Remco line was likely to have their socks blown off because the translucent crystal figures were really unique in 1983. Heck, they’re still quite unique today. I’d love a new Crystar line. Actually, why the hell hasn’t Marvel done anything with Crystar? They own the property lock, stock and barrel.

3 Responses to Classic Comic Ad: Crystar Available Now at K-Mart

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Waa,but I want Marvel to make Rom Spaceknight first!As a kid I don't get impressed with toys represented by good art but some artwork do look like the toys like the Remco Warlord stuff.One of the toy ads that caught me even without an accompanying cartoon was PowerLords,now that's some damn good advertising.

  • See I would have just been the opposite. I love this ad, but the PowerLords, especially the ad with Adam Power I didn't find all that interesting. I liked a lot of the PowerLords toys, though.

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Crystal could have been a huge fantasy line since it debuted along with a Marvel comic series like G.I. Joe did. Instead, it ended up like Remco's answer to the Joes, Sgt. Rock. The figures were cool, but I don't remember any kids in school owning any or even mentioning the line. My theory is that Masters of the Universe had the fantasy/adventure market pretty much cornered by then. Not even LJN's higher quality Advanced Dungeons & Dragons line could manage to dent it.

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