With all the talk of the new Captain Action figures (Check out our C2E2 Captain Action Coverage!), I thought it might be fun to take a look back at this Classic Comic Ad from 1968 of Captain Action. This ad comes from 1968, which was both a marquee and disastrous year for Captain Action.

At the time DC Comics was producing a Captain Action comic, which arguably gave the good Captain a great bit of exposure. It also helped explain some of his powers and fleshed out his story with new villain, Dr. Evil! Unfortunately 1968 would also pretty much be the last year Captain Action was in production.

This wonderful ad, shows a very brief adventure with Dr. Evil trying to take out Captain Action with his “thought-control sensor” in the shape of a big evil eye. That would become one of the most infamous accessories for Dr. Evil and the set it came in which is also advertised here, became quite rare. At C2E2 I got to check out the new Dr. Evil figure who looks downright awesome and the good folks at Round 2 have seen to it that it also includes the evil eye accessory as well!

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  • Mario says:


    check out my FB album (I'm Johnnyboy Civello in your friends list) "Outer Spacemen" if you want to see an actual pic of the Dr. Evil box set on the bottom left of the ad.

    Also, great scoop on the Rocketeer fig. Can't wait for that.

  • Nice and only $5,000!

  • Mario says:

    Total STEAL!

  • The regular Captain Action figures were only like $2 at their original time of retail. Although I suspect that set cost a bit more. Still, it would have been a great one to have stockpiled!

  • Bill White says:

    I am old enough that I remember seeing this ad in comic books, and then begging my Mother to buy the toys for me when I saw them at Woolworth's. She did, and I played them into the ground. I wish I still had 'em…

    Thanks for the nostalgia, Newt! "To days to come, and all my love to long ago". :^D

  • The good news is that you played with them into the ground. It's a shame you didn't stick a few away in the closet to line your pockets with in the future, haha, but at least they brought you hours of enjoyment. That's what it's all about!

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