WE ARE WYLD STALLYNS! Or something like that. I never quite got big into Bill & Ted, though I did enjoy the Bogus Journey sequel. Especially the part where they played the Grim Reaper in a series of games. Of course the two dudes did manage to make a fair amount of stuff, including these NES and Nintendo Gameboy games in the early 1990’s.

The advertisement uses both the real Bill & Ted, which is a nice touch. Hey it’s Keanu Reeves best role to date! However it looks like the games are based more on the animated series of the same time period. Interestingly the games appear to be completely different, with the NES version looking a bit like a dungeon crawler and the Gameboy edition being a Donkey Kong clone? I’m not sure, I never played either.

I do love that back then games were rarely ported and Gameboy ended up with a lot of it’s own unique games. Many of which were very good, if not better than their regular Nintendo counterparts. It’s a shame most of these licensed style games don’t ever end up on the Wii Virtual Console, it’d be neat to check some of them out. Anywho, check out this vintage ad, it’s most excellent!

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