Back in 1968, if you were tough, you were an astronaut. If you don’t believe me, just check out this ad for Ben Rebhuhn’s “famous” strength courses. Of course we now know that most astronauts are not rock hard muscle gods, but in fact, nerdy dudes with high IQs… But don’t let that ruin your enjoyment of the mighty muscle making scam. He’s going to give you 50 pounds of MIGHTY muscles. Just like the astronauts! Including the Mighty Grip! I wonder if that’s like Kung-Fu grip?

You have to love this ad, because it’s so not politically correct. It goes on and on about how if you don’t have a bunch of muscles, you’re a sissy boy. Naturally, these ads were all over the comic books back in the day. Who wants to read those funny books? Nerds who need to learn how to be tough like Ben Rebhuhn!

Of course the best part of this ad is the testimonials, featuring pre-Photoshop picture manipulation. Felipe Mendozo shouldn’t worry about his fat, he should worry about the fact that he has no neck!

I have no idea how many astronauts with abs of steel this crappy book of calisthenics likely produced, but I’m sure it was in the dozens.

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