I must confess that I never read any of the Alien Legion stuff from the 80s Epic Comics run from Marvel. But I thought this old ad from the era showing off a poster from the series was quite fun. The shot of Sarigar front and center on the poster, along with the overall less than refined sci-fi feel reminds me of the early TMNT comics, which I loved.

There’s a neat little Cylon type design going on with these guys and this poster is pretty appealing. I’m guessing the comics must have been selling pretty decent at the time, because this isn’t an ad for the comic itself, but rather a poster.

Carl Potts and company did quite a bit with the Alien Legion stuff through the years and it was almost turned into a movie and TV show on a few different occasions. Unfortunately none of that ever came to be, but this poster did. I searched on Ebay to find this, but no such luck. There is a newer (but still old) Alien Legion poster going for about $20. I assume one of these posters in mint condition would be worth a decent little chunk of change these days.

Posters are one of the more valuable things to collect because even if they are mass produced, they tend to be destroyed by being hung on walls. I never collected many posters as a youngster. I had a couple of wrestling posters and eventually one of Jenny McCarthy in a silver bikini. Though I can’t recall why I got that one… I mean aside from the obvious reasons.

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