Time for another Classic Comic Ad! This one is a rather unique, but certainly not original premise. A mini-comic in the form of advertising. It’s not a bad idea in premise, to get people who read comics interested in your product by providing a little comic of your own. I recall that Jell-O did a whole Jell-O Man (And Wobbly!) comic freebie that made him into a superhero of sorts.

3 Musketeers tried a slightly different route, with a series of one page comic ad adventures. Each one would depict the “3 Musketeers” showing up in a different place. Naturally one would assume this could lead to a fun little comic with Athos, Porthos, Aramis showing up all over the place. Perhaps D’Artagnan shows up with a chocolate bar!

Instead, it’s the actual candy bar that shows up at random places. No super powers, no funny hats or fencing swords… Just giant size versions of the candy bar. This was part of a “big on chocolate” catchphrase for the brand. The problem isn’t so much the product integration, as it is the purpose. Why would anyone care about a comic where some random dudes are climbing a mountain to take a picture? It’s boring.

It’s truly a missed opportunity for the 3 Musketeers brand, as they definitely could have done something more interesting. This could have been an ongoing mini-series of ads with fun characters, not a chocolate bar version of Cliffhanger! Oh well, I won’t hold it against 3 Musketeers because I still love their candy bar.

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