Today I’m taking a look back at a classic WCW merchandise catalogue. As I understand it, this catalogue was distributed in the UK but shows a good selection of World Championship Wrestling merchandise from the early 1990’s. This is very similar to the ones that would have appeared here in the states and might be an exact duplicate.

As you can see, Sting was a big seller for WCW. Everything on this page, sans one item, has Sting’s face all over it. For years WCW and the NWA before that suffered a problem of having largely unmarketable babyface stars. Sure Dusty Rhodes was a great hero, but most people didn’t want his face plastered on a t-shirt. Sting changed all that and WCW put him to good use.

Of course other people had merchandise too. Like those awesome double sided posters. I find it kind of odd that some of them are posed shots and the others look like candids. Would love to see that poster of Madusa though. That would have been smoking in the early 1990’s. Somebody hook me up. Also check out those WCW Wrestling Buddies. Of course they weren’t called Wrestling Buddies. I assume WWF had that name trademarked. The Rick Steiner featured here is particularly a rare item. I wonder if that WCW Factfile book is any good?

Finally we come to the best part, THE ACTION FIGURES! As a kid I never owned any of the WCW Galoob figures because I was a complete idiot and didn’t really start enjoying WCW until the toys were already off the market. I ended up getting a few a couple years later though and the likenesses were great. Vastly superior to Hasbro’s WWF toys. Sure, they didn’t have ANY articulation whatsoever but they had the STEEL CAGE! Awesome.

I also never knew about those poseable 14 inch ones, but I bet they were awesome. And look at those VHS tapes, FUTURESHOCK! Man how cool would it be to be able to order those videos now. Well, on DVD of course. Too bad the WWE has little to no interest in selling me the NWA/WCW stuff that I crave. But hey at least they made that “awesome” John Morrison DVD, right? Blah.

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