When it came to pro wrestling, nobody did it better than WCW. The incredible bouts they had through the years were never matched by anyone. Unfortunately, with the WWF/WWE’s success with “sports entertainment”, WCW was forced to try and compete with stuff that isn’t classically defined as wrestling. WCW also was owned by a big conglomerate in AOL/Time Warner and they often stuck their noses in things for cross promotion.

Hence tonight’s look at the 31 Days of Halloween, when Chucky from Child’s Play fame appeared on WCW Monday Nitro… To call out Rick Steiner. To help set the stage, for weeks Steiner had been engaged in a hot feud with his brother Scott. Scott Steiner had just turned to be a bad guy and Rick, the loveable face was ready to kick his brother’s ass. After every match Rick had, though, there was a mysterious laughter. Who was it? What was being played over the PA? Was it something to do with Scott Steiner, or was it someone else from Rick’s past?

Nope, it was Chucky. This was one of the low points of WCW, but the oddball moment makes for a nice Halloween trick. Chucky got some free promotion for his new movie and well, I’m still not sure what WCW got out of the deal. Enjoy, or cringe. Either way here it is.

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