NBC has renewed two shows that I’m quite thrilled about. First is Chuck, which is easily the funniest and most fun hour of TV around. Especially if your into anything a little off the beaten path. This past season just got better and better. Rumor is it’s only a 13 episode season with an option to renew. Also rumors suggest that a character may be cut, but whom isn’t listed. Hopefully no one major. There is a large supporting cast, so I suppose they could remove one of them. As long as Scott Bakula still gets to stop by! Credit: http://www.doeschuckhaveathirdseason.com/

Also Law & Order has been renewed. This seemed like a no-brainer, but NBC wasn’t sure if they were going to renew it or not. Thankfully they did. I hope there is no more cast changes as this past season they pretty much got a 75% new cast and it turned out to be brilliant. I wasn’t a fan of Anthony Anderson, but his work on the show has been top notch. L&O has become one of my favorite shows this past year because of the new cast.

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  • Wes says:

    But Fox canceled “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”… so nothing matters anymore. 🙁

  • Yeah that saddened me quite a bit.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree that the cast changes and updates for L&O are good, and make it more interesting. I am still the biggest fan of Vincent D’Onofrio as I think his character is complex and deep. I was actually watching some old episodes of L&O SVU the other day and noticed that the characters had more personal stories and information given than the L&O that airs today.

    I do like Chuck – so I am equally as glad that this is being renewed.

    AND, lastly, I am sad about the Terminator show not being renewed. But, I never got to finish the last season since when it was downloaded online to view them, they were in italian. Go figure.

    – Beth

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