Welcome to our exclusive Chicago Comic Con/Wizard World Chicago recap. Unfortunately I have had to cut my trip short due to a death in the family, so my coverage is not only abridged, but not nearly as in-depth as I’d liked. Hopefully Rob will have some additional coverage and photos as I really wasn’t able to get into the experience a much as I wanted because of the aforementioned issues. Rob is spending the weekend there I believe, so he’ll probably have some additional good stuff for us in the days ahead. So apologies if this coverage isn’t as expansive as originally planned.

The Chicago Comic Con is much more massive in scale, size and scope than say C2E2, but it’s also a bit different. There is definitely more of a focus here on pop culture and celebrities and is more akin to SDCC in that sense. There were quite a few cosplayers, but I would say the ratio was 100-200 regular people per 1 cosplayer. Which is considerably less than some of my previous experiances at cons. This is both a positive and a negative depending on what your opinion of that hobby is.

One of the nice things about the Chicago Comic Con is that the stars are very easy to get to and are simply on the show floor. This is great because you can pretty much go up to anyone at any point, without much of a hassle. It’s a bit surreal to have guys like Christopher Lloyd and Bruce Campbell right over by the Nasty Boys and bWo. I don’t know how the hell the bWo guys were getting away with selling bWo merchandise and the WWE not coming down on them.

There was a great selection of celebrities though, from high level people, to slightly more forgotten faces of the past. This led to one of the coolest things to happen at the con for me, as Patrick Stewart and I rubbed shoulders, literally, as he made his way through the crowd. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera ready because it took me a minute to realize Captain Picard was the guy trying to get past me and not some random dude.

There is a TON of vendors, which is great. I was also pleased to see a pretty large selection of comic vendors as well as artists and such. Plenty of toys as well. There weren’t a ton of deals to be had (I did get a couple toy scores which I’ll save for another post!) but the prices were pretty fair for the most part. If you shopped around you could definitely find cheaper prices on some things, but coming so close to SDCC, those exclusives were a bit jacked up.

One of the coolest things there was a guy making superhero balloon animals. They were really neat. I first spotted one Hulk over by Lou Ferrigno before finding his actual booth. He would definitely be someone I’d like to interview in the future. Some of the celebrities seemed really bored, while others were having a lot of fun. Both Bruce Campbell and Christopher Lloyd looked good and energetic, which is nice. The same could not be said for Edward Furlong. And poor Louis Gossett Jr. looked to be on his deathbed.

The Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas were there… But nobody apparently knows what ROH is because they didn’t get a lot of traffic. Jackie Gayda-Haas also had a table nearby, but she wasn’t drumming up much business herself. Probably had too many clothes on. TNA’s Tara had a lot of people buzzing around her booth, but to my surprise, far and away the most popular wrestling personality was Torrie Wilson. She had a crapton of people over by her. She was looking quite fine I must say, but I never thought she was that popular.

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake was eating Donettes, which I found hilarious for some reason. And my teenage obsession Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was there as well. I wouldn’t mind using the DeLorean on that note!

Perhaps the most brilliant thing I saw there was a massage booth that was “Cosplay Massage”, where you could get your back rubbed by a girl in a Slave Leia outfit. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that sooner. Mr. T was the real star of the show, though. He not only looked like T, he was the embodiment of “Pity the Fool”!

Some extra photos here: Chicago Comic Con Gallery

Later this week I’ll go over my handful of toy scores at the show and probably review a few of them as well. Hopefully Rob will have his show report this week as well! More Chicago Comic Con Coverage as it happens.

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  • wesitron says:

    Man, sorry to hear about your family member. It's good that you did get to see some of the sights before you had to leave. Funny about Patrick Stewart. I swear the year LotR came out Sean Astin was following me through the crowd. Everywhere I turned the little guy was right in front of me. Trying to see what Samwise toys were going for 🙂

    Our prayers are with ya, man

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Crap,i utterly forgot about this event and it's just two hours from me,I think I scored a Nazi Kroenen for $40 there last year.Sorry to hear about your loss…

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Also,lol at the DCUC GL wave being sold for 30 when it's 9 dollars shelfwarming in Wal-mart.

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks man.

    Unfortunately it definitely cut my available time at the con to very little, but I at least I was still able to get a bit of coverage. The Patrick Stewart thing was pretty funny, although it would have been better had I realized faster.

  • Rob_Mac says:

    I'm surprisd you got as many photos of the celebs as you did. It seemed like every celeb booth had a big bouncer guy telling people no photos because they wanted people to pay to get their photo taken with the the celebs at their photo shoot, which I can attest to was less than thrilling.

  • I can take a punch for the greater good of the website. Oddly enough the big bouncer in the suit with Bruce Campbell, was rather clearly the "Defuser", the guy who won the "Who Wants To Be a Superhero" thing from a few years ago. I guess he's a bouncer on the side?

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