Supposedly the cast list for the third season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ has leaked. A lot of people would cue up their prerequisite jokes about how none of these people are “celebrities”, but that’s just cliche and naive. Donald Trump has done a pretty good job each year of getting some decent celebrities for this show. There are usually one or two high tier people, a few medium tier people and a couple of people you probably never heard of but you can realize they are semi famous. Here’s a list of this years supposed contestants and I’ll post my thoughts about them below.

• Rod Blagojevich (maybe)
• pro wrestler Bill Goldberg
• comedienne (and inspiration for the Elaine character on ‘Seinfeld’) Carol Leifer
• pro wrestler Maria Kanellis
• Bret Michaels
• Sharon Osbourne
• ’21 Jump Street’ star Holly Robinson Peete
• gold medal-winning Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders
• comedian Sinbad
• Australian chef Curtis Stone
• Darryl Strawberry

First up we have Rob Blagojevich. Rumor is he may not even be able to participate in the show which would be a big blow to the lineup. Blagojevich will probably spend the majority of the show trying to put over how he’s a good guy and wouldn’t do anything unscrupulous. If Patti Blagojevich’s stint on “I’m a Celebrity…” proved anything, this is more about changing people’s views on them than winning any contests. Still it could provide some tension.

Bill Goldberg is the most interesting to me, not just because he’s a wrestler. Goldberg is a very smart, very, very stubborn man. Goldberg was baptized in the fires known as WCW backstage politics and his unwillingness to do certain things actually helped bankrupt a multimillion dollar company. Does that mean Goldberg won’t be a good fit for this show? Probably not, Goldberg has a lot of friends with deep pockets and he’s very smart in that he has managed to run a few business, get on numerous TV shows and market himself with unbelievable pragmatism.

Never heard of Carol Leifer, she falls into the unknown catagory.

Maria from WWE? Everything I said positive about Goldberg above? Subtract that from Maria. She’s the epitome of air head. Maria does run her own clothing business I believe, but she’s not very smart and I doubt she has very many connections. She has banged a litany of former WWE champions, but I dunno if any of them will roll out the checkbook for her.

Bret Michaels? Star of the show, nuff said. Michaels has dominated TV ratings for years with his highly entertaining trash TV “Rock of Love” and I suspect he’ll be a real hit on this show. Bret is surprisingly enduring, honest and captivating.

Sharon Osbourne has more business sense than anyone else on the panel of contestants. Sharon Osbourne is the reason that Ozzy Osbourne is still famous. Make no mistake, she’s leeched her way to the top off of Ozzy, but that’s only because she’s rode Ozzy for all the money he’s worth. She’s a very smart businesswoman and she’ll have a bajillion connections which will make her the woman to beat.

Never heard of Holly Robinson Peete but she might ring a bell if I saw her and the Olympic people never do any good, but Trump likes Olympians so there is always one or two.

Sinbad is surprisingly a pretty big star. Sure he hasn’t done anything mainstream in years, but in the 80’s Sinbad was the face of black comedy. He’s got numerous major motion pictures under his belt, including my GF’s holiday favorite “Jingle All the Way” and he’s been around long enough to garner a large contact list of potential donors. I’d guess he’s pretty business savvy too and probably has some small businesses he’s ran since his comedy gig has slowed down.

Never heard of Curtis Stone.

Finally Darryl Strawberry. Poor Darryl Strawberry, at one point he was one of the most famous baseball players in the world. I think everyone remembers Darryl Strawberry now for being a bonafied crackhead than anything else. Strawberry had serious addiction issues and I think he even went to jail for crack. Should be interesting to see if this can be a story of redemption or if he’s totally screwed up in the head.

I watch this show every year and enjoy it. I must say this is one of the most diverse groups to date. Interesting that there are no country music singers this time around, but two “pro wrestlers”. If I had to pick an early winner, Sharon Osbourne seems like it. I suspect Michaels, Goldberg and Blagojevich could all do good as well if they don’t make any major blunders. As per the norm, one of the unknowns will do exceedingly well and the others will drop off like flies or latch on to one of the bigger celebrities to stay alive.

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  • Wes says:

    I don’t watch this show at all, but I read that post so here are my brief comments:

    I don’t want to see Blago anywhere but in jail — and I certainly don’t want to see him on television (unless it’s in news reports about him going to jail).

    Goldberg is smart? I was pretty into wrestling back when he was popular, and he did plenty of decidedly stupid things. I don’t remember all of the details, but I kinda remember him hurting a bunch of people (like, for real) and pissing off colleagues behind the scenes. Not cool.

    I was going to say that I’d be interested in seeing Carol Leifer because she’s the inspiration for the very hot Elaine, but Google just took care of that for me… so yeah.

    Holly Robinson Peete was the hot roommate on “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.”

    Okay, that’s about all I’ve got to say. 🙂

  • Goldberg isn’t like a genuis or anything, but he’s pretty smart. He’s an ass and he hurt people in wrestling because he wasn’t trained very well and was freakishly strong/wreckless.

    But business wise he’s very savvy, which makes him good in an environment like this. So long as none of the tasks occur on Jewish holidays, cause Goldberg won’t do anything on those.

    Assuming he can keep his ego in check, which I hear is better these days and not get a temper which he’s known for, he should do good.

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