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Comics have provided fun, entertainment and excitement for many generations, having become hugely popular over the decades. The world of comics – and the exciting and memorable characters – has become a global phenomenon, particularly over the past few decades. This is because comics have proven to be hugely influential in a variety of industries, with the characters now appearing on the big screen, the small screen, and even in the games that we play.

Some of the industries in which comics have been influential:

There are a number of key industries in which comics have had a huge influence over the years, and this has led them to become popular amongst a wide range of age groups and audiences from kids and teens through to the older generation that grew up with these comics. Some of the industries in which comics have really made their mark include:

The movies:

Over recent years, there have been more and more movies based around comic book characters. These have proven immensely popular, with many breaking box office records around the globe. From the extremely popular Spiderman, Batman and Superman movies to more recent franchises such as Iron Man, there have been many comic based movies that have become huge global hits.

TV series:

It’s not just the big screen that has been graced by comic book characters over the past couple of decades. We have also enjoyed watching some of our favourite character brought to life on the small screen, with a number of television shows and series based on them. This includes series dating back to the 1950s and 1960s, such as Captain Pugwash through to more recent shows such as The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, The Mask animated series, and Night Man amongst many others.


Comic book characters have also infiltrated the world of games, with both video and even casino slot games based on them. Gaming sites such as Uptown Aces have lots of comic book character games. These include a wide range of slot games such as Captain America, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man amongst others. There have also been many video games based on these characters, including Batman, Hellboy, and Spiderman to name but a few.

There is no doubt that some of our favourite comic book characters have helped to bring excitement and fun to a variety of industries. These characters have been given a new lease of life through their popularity in the world of television, movies and gaming.

Dr. Evil Toys R Us Figure Review
Captain Action
Dr. Evil (Basic Edition)
12 Inch scale
By: Round 2
$29.99 Retail (Currently Exclusive to Toys R Us)

Captain Action is back! After returning to the toy shelves this past summer, Captain Action has been followed up by a new set of Fall releases. Among them is the Captain’s arch nemesis, Dr. Evil! Yes, this Dr. Evil shares the same name as the Austin Powers main villain. In fact this guy had to briefly change his name to Dr. Eville because of the Austin Powers trademark. However, Captain Action’s Dr. Evil actually predates Mike Myers character by decades.

Introduced in 1968, Dr. Evil is a mad scientist and/or alien (depending on the canon) who hates Captain Action and wants to take over the world. Hey, it may not be the most elaborate back story ever, but it works. Captain Action Enterprises and Round 2 have decided to give Dr. Evil quite a bit of a makeover in their new version, hoping to amp up his status and let him have some 21st Century sensibility. There are two versions currently on the market, the basic one that we’re reviewing here today and the deluxe version which we’ll review later. The basic version is only available at Toys R Us at the moment.

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Ninja Turtles Fruit Snacks
I consider myself a bit of a fruit snack connoisseur. Through the years I’ve eaten tons of these rubbery, “fruit” products. Oddly enough, as a child I almost never had fruit snacks. It just wasn’t the sort of thing my parents would allow in the grocery budget. Once I started buying my own food though, fruit snacks became a staple.

Donatello and April
In the early 90’s a company named Farley’s made TMNT fruit snacks. In 2003, Betty Crocker got the green machine to do another round of fruit snacks. Now here we are in 2013 and the turtles are once again in fruit snack form. These fruit snacks seem much more a kindred spirit in shape and design to the vintage Farley’s fruit snacks despite once again being made by Betty Crocker.

The side of the box shows off the shapes and flavors of the six various Ninja Turtles fruit snacks. It’s interesting to note that this is more flavors and shapes than the 2003 version, but not as many as the 1990’s version. I like that these are simple designs as opposed to the more overly complex shapes.

Fruit Rat
This is also only the second time that Splinter has appeared as a fruit snack. He was a late addition to the original 1990’s fruit snacks after the second TMNT film. Sadly the snack of Splinter looks more like a hovercraft or the Batmobile than the Turtle’s sensai. Continue reading

Captain Action
Captain America Deluxe Costume Set
12 Inch scale
By: Round 2

So I’m a few days behind on the Captain Action Advent, but given that feedback has been pretty low for this promotional month I guess nobody really cares. This review kind of bummed me out and slowed down my progress, but I’m hoping that over the next few days I’ll be able to catch up. Expect a lot of Captain Action in the next couple of days, along with a lot of other content as well.


The whole idea behind Captain Action in the 1960’s was that he could change costumes into other superheroes. I’m not entirely sure why they chose that particular format for licensing as it would seem to make more sense to just sell figures of the characters, but I’m guess the old razors and blades mentality was still too engrained back then. The idea being that Captain Action was the “razor” and you’d go buy a bunch of “blades” in the costumes. Round 2 has brought this back and they offer two price points.


The basic sets, which are exclusive to Toys R Us, contain one mask, one shield, one set of gloves and the rest of the supplies to create a decent Captain America. The Deluxe edition, which is what we’re reviewing here, comes with an extra mask, extra gloves and an extra shield so you can create two versions of Captain America. So let’s break it down, shall we? And by break it down, I do mean break…

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Exo League

Bring it back! What product or media property would you like to see revived, and how would you imagine it being different today?

This week’s assignment is simple enough, bring back something that you liked. While the limitations are few in this League assignment, I figure it would be best to limit this to television shows. I could go on about a ton of things I’d love to see brought back, but the most obvious choice for me is Exo-Squad. Yeah, it seems that the new trend is to spell it Exosquad. However you decide to spell it, the show was fantastic.

I’ve written about Exosquad before, but I didn’t touch on it all that much. It was arguably my favorite cartoon as a youngster and honestly if you pinned me down and made me live on an island with only one cartoon to watch, there’s no doubt I’d pick Exosquad. Although the show only ran for 52 episodes, it certainly seemed like it was a lot longer. Perhaps that was because each episode contained so much broad storytelling with big bold ideas and stories concerning life, death, racism and the overall human condition.

Sure, it also had aliens, mutants, space battles and of course giant robots, but it was really about the characters. I hesitate to say the “humans” because the Neo-Sapiens were a huge part of the show as well. The show dealt with some incredible sci-fi concepts like the clones of evil people and if they’re guilty just because they’re clones. There was also a great storyline where one of the main characters died, but he was brought back to life in a way. There was some serious debate on if this person was the same person, or a new person and what happens when you die. It was the kind of show that seriously got you thinking. Continue reading