It’s kind of strange how much influence Cyndi Lauper had on the early 1980’s wrestling boom. She was something of a pop culture phenomenon and why she ever hooked up with wrestling, is beyond me. It probably held her back once Madonna burst on the scene, but maybe it was just part of a larger “sell out” on her part. Anyway, point being, her teaming up with Hulk Hogan caused the “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling” era to head into the stratosphere. Along the way came the Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling cartoon show, which was part of a Cyndi Lauper themed CBS Saturday Morning cartoon lineup.

In addition to the scariest image of Hulk Hogan I’ve ever seen, that neither looks like the real Hogan or the cartoon Hogan, this ad shows us that the Berenstain Bears and Muppet Babies & Monsters were part of the lineup. I can confess that I do not recall Muppet Babies ever being packaged with a Muppet Monsters show, but apparently it was. The Berenstain Bears were sort of like the Waltons, but with bears. But the real draw is this Rock ‘n’ Wrestling image of Hogan. He appears to be wearing black and white striped trunks. It’s just odd all around.

Bates 1
So I’ve been watching A&E’s new Bates Motel TV show and I thought I’d share some thoughts on it. The show seems to be getting some popular buzz and if we’re good at anything here at Infinite Hollywood, it’s trying to capitalize on something for our own benefit. Truth be told, I’ve been a bit of a Psycho kick recently, digging out my Big Lots bargain DVD set of the three original Psycho sequels and watching them in the past few weeks. I had planned to review them here, but general laziness supercedes all.

Anyway, coming into A&E’s new take on the old tale of Norman Bates, there’s a lot to compare it to. Frankly, the few other reviews I’ve taken a look at disgust me, because they act as if there was only ever one Psycho film. Look, Hitchcock’s Psycho is a timeless classic, but it’s an absolute disservice to everyone to pretend like that’s the only exposure we ever got to Norman Bates. The following three Psycho sequels are all fine films in their own right and throughout there are some incredible moments (some dumb ones too) but Anthony Perkins was able to craft Norman Bates into a really interesting and misunderstood character, turning in downright fantastic performances in each film.

And that’s probably the biggest problem with Bates Motel, there is no Anthony Perkins. No, I don’t mean the actor (although it’s certainly sad Perkins is no longer with us, I would have loved a Psycho 5) but rather there’s no one who can command the screen quite like him. Perkins’ magic, was that he could make you very interested in what he was doing, even if the movie he was in wasn’t all that great. Nobody does steely eyed lunatic, quite like Perkins did.

Freddy Highmore shouldn’t necessarily be compared to Perkins, despite the obvious reasons to want to, but Highmore has problems of his own to worry about beyond comparisons. In the first episode, Highmore exposes his British accent two or three times. Seriously, how did A&E let that slip? He’s also a tad too babyfaced and generally likeable. I suppose that could work if he eventually does become a ruthless killer, but with a show of this nature you risk turning the audience off by making him suddenly turn on a dime. There does seem to be a bit of a darkside hiding behind those eyes, so maybe he can make it work.

This of course leads us to another problem with the show overall and that’s turning Bates into a hero or a good guy. This is something that plagued the later Psycho sequels, although sometimes it was used to great effect in that Bates couldn’t change his stripes even when he tried. This show doesn’t have that working for them, however, as we’re seeing Norman before he’s a “psycho” and again it starts to put the whole premise into dangerous territory.

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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these TV Breakage columns, but with new Fall seasons in full swing it seems like the right time. I actually have a few shows I want to talk about, so why not get into the thick of it? If you have a television show or channel that you’d like to see brought to attention here, feel free to comment and let us know.


Even though I think Donald Trump is scum of the Earth, I am getting excited for NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars, which debuts March 3. Trump himself adds little to the show aside from occasionally firing the wrong person on a whim, just because, but the rest of the dynamic is fun. Penn Jillette had an interesting piece on Trump a while back where he revealed that behind the scenes Trump would spend sometimes hours in the boardroom ranting and raving about bizarre radical right wing things. Of course, despite his critique, Jillette is back for this version of the show.

It’s a strong cast, probably stronger than any before it, but the female lineup is pretty weak. Unfortunately Trump seems to have only ever picked females on the Celebrity Apprentice based on their looks. NBC literally has nothing else going on and aside from some sort of pilot they’re working on about the life of Jessica Simpson in the style of Curb Your Enthusiasm, I can’t imagine I’ll be watching them much. Not that the Jessica show would make me watch anyway. I’m pretty sure her life is just getting pregnant all the time, right?

For the first time in a long time, I gave a show on FOX a shot and I’ve fallen in love with The Mindy Project. I honestly can’t recommend this show enough. If you gave it a shot and didn’t like it for some reason, I suggest trying it again. I caught just a couple minutes of an episode one night and decided to tape it. By the next day I was downloading all the episodes and my girlfriend and I were laughing regularly. It’s rare that a show has laugh out loud moments in it, but The Mindy Project does. The show is sort of a cross between Scrubs and 30 Rock, back when 30 Rock wasn’t just a ridiculous parody of itself, and although it might be a “girls” show, guys shouldn’t have any problem watching it.

Of course, since The Mindy Project is on FOX, it’s in jeopardy of being canceled. The show has done a bit better (but not gangbusters) in the ratings as of late, so I’m hoping it gets a second season. Elsewhere on FOX, it looks like lots of shows are going to be dumped and The Cleveland Show could get the axe too. I must confess I’ve never watched a single episode. The Following is getting a huge hype campaign from FOX and it will debut next Tuesday. I’m going to check it out, only because I like Kevin Bacon.

Fringe will air it’s final episode tonight in a two hour finale. I really liked Fringe, although I got on board a bit late. That said, what I’ve watched of the final season (I’ve only see a few as the rest are on my DVR) hasn’t been my favorite. I liked it when the show was much more of a supernatural police procedural, than whatever the heck this last season has become.

I’ve finally given up on ABC’s Last Man Standing and it’s a total shame too. I actually quite liked the show, even if it was sort of Home Improvement-lite in it’s first season. Season 2 is basically an entirely different show, with major cast changes, plot changes and the total arrangement of the program has shifted. Tim Allen is now Archie Bunker, but the show refuses to go full bore with it, both trying to have their cake and eat it too. Every other line out of Allen’s mouth is anti-Obama and it’s really annoying. I don’t tune into 30 minute sitcoms to hear political crap.

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Ninja Turtles Classic Collection Review

So today I’m going to tell you about my new late night obsession… The Aquabats! Super Show! I’d like to say that I’ve been living under a rock and that’s why I haven’t heard of the Aquabats before now, but truth be told despite the fact that this group has been around since 1994, I don’t know anyone who really knows who these guys are. I’ve seen posts about them on forums and then watched as hundreds of people post in unison responding, “who?” in relation to them.

That means it’s not just me, who hasn’t heard of them. I suppose if you live in So-Cal and are connected to the indie rock hipster scene, you’ve probably heard of these guys. They’re an underground band who do crazy pop rock songs. But let’s just put aside the music for a minute, because the music is irrelevant. Yes, the Aquabats are a real band who perform as superheroes, sort of like Gwar but without the mindless gore and gratuitous sexual repulsion. The Super Show is a much broader expansion of that concept and it’s freaking brilliant.

Aquabats Cartoon

I think the best way to describe the Aquabats Super Show is Space Ghost meets Scooby Doo meets Josie and the Pussycats meets Pee Wee’s Playhouse meets Adam West’s Batman meets 70’s Sentai. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, check your pulse. Each episode features the band getting into hijinks with villains and monsters, plus a brief cartoon that has the vibe of an old Hanna Barbera superhero toon. There’s also funny fake commercial breaks advertising absurd products interjected in-between.

Seriously, it’s an insane show about this band of superheroes traveling around in their giant superhero tour bus (dubbed the BattleTram and it’s bigger on the inside) fighting giant floating eyes, mummies on motorcycles, ghosts who love burritos and just about everything else awesome you can imagine. It’s in the same vein as the 60’s Batman TV show, done with the same sort of camp, only turned up about 15 notches.

Aquabats Logo

The special effects are actually pretty awesome if you love old school Sentai-type stuff and despite the low budget nature of things, nothing actually looks cheap. As it turns out the leader of the Aquabats, the MC Bat Commander, is also the guy responsible for Yo Gabba Gabba, so the costumes are good and the irreverence is right along that same sort of mentality. Every scene has some kind of new sight gag and ironic homage to everything you loved if you grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons.

It’s just insane, in the most awesome of ways. The show currently airs on The Hub, Hasbro’s TV network. I discovered it late one night by staying up too late and flipping through the channels. I thought it was going to be dumb, you know like kid’s dumb, but instead it turned out to incredibly entertaining. The first season has 12 episodes and I’ve only seen a few so far, but each one is just trippy, awesome and zany.

The Aquabats Super Show!

Apparently there hasn’t been a second season confirmed yet, because Hub isn’t sure on it. This show is a million times better than any of the goofy live action stuff that Adult Swim has produced and is right up there with the Venture Brothers in managing to parody a genre and still be creative and original on it’s own. I almost think the show is missing it’s target audience by being marketed to kids. It’s definitely okay for children, but it’s a show that’s humorous to adults.

Hub, if you have any souls, you’ll renew this show for a second season. It should be paired up with reruns of Batman or something. Seriously, check the show out when it reruns on Saturdays and see if you dig it.

Although the toys are starting to show up in scattered stores across the nation, up until now we haven’t known when the new Nickelodeon version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon will debut. Thankfully an answer has finally surfaced from the sewers. On Saturday, Sept. 29, at 11 a.m. the cartoon with premier on Nickelodeon with two back-to-back episodes. No doubt introducing the Turtles to a whole new batch of youngsters. The first season will run 26 episodes.

Turtlemania is reaching a fever pitch here at Infinite Hollywood and I’m quite excited. Just days ago we were the first website to reveal the Night Shadow Leonardo and it seems as though news continues to come in. Although there’s still two and a half months until the TMNT cartoon debut on Nickelodeon, we expect more exciting developments in the weeks and months ahead. Be sure to check in with as we’re you’re official Turtles 2012 source!

At first I wasn’t super excited about the new cartoon as I didn’t care much for the CG animation style, but the first preview looks pretty interesting and I’m just glad to have the Turtles back in any form. Throw in the fact that they’re using a remake/remix of the classic Ninja Turtles theme song and I’m even more intrigued. Plus the solid toys have helped to sell me on the idea of the new show. Ninja Turtles was a big part of my youth and it’s also a huge part of why I collect toys. So I’m rooting for the Green Machine to have a comeback in a big way. Anyone else starting to get excited?