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Simpsons Legos
Lego continues to expand it’s toy empire and massive amount of licensing, by creating a new set of Simpsons Legos set to debut within the next year. While no real prototypes have been shown off, we can expect them to look like Legos. No surprise there, really. Lego has proven to be very innovative and quite adaptive to a variety of formats, so I suspect Simpsons will work just fine as Legos.

Lego Simpsons
The Simpsons even mocked Legoland in an episode, so it’s a interesting tribute that they finally get made into little brick figures. While a lot of people bemoan the Simpsons and talk about how bad the show is these days, there are still lots of laughs to be had in the Simpsons and there isn’t a more culturally significant program on television these days. The Simpsons is a staple of media and still a ratings powerhouse, so it’s a perfect fit for the Lego brand.

What makes this more interesting, is that it shows that Lego is willing to go a bit outside the box and continue to come up with new concepts. Right now it’s planned for just a set or two, but if World of Springfield showed us anything, it’s that the Simpsons line could be huge if you expand into other characters and sets. I could definitely see the Lego Simpsons line going that far or even farther, if the sales were there.

Simpsons Kidrobot Vinyl Mini Figures
Homer & Marge Simpson
3 Inch Scale
By: Kidrobot

Kidrobot is a company that is perhaps best known for their vinyl Dunny figures, tiny, rabbit eared figures that have as many designs as they don’t have body types. These little handcrafted gems have become quite collectable among various groups, and Kidrobot has been eager to branch out. Which brings us to their Simpsons line.

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A cover like this is coming, what will Homer think?

According to E! online, Marge Simpson will be posing nude in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine. Considering how so many stars who do Playboy now don’t even appear nude, this must be a big coup for Playboy! They finally convinced someone to pose nude and it’s a cartoon.

The iconic cartoon TV mom Marge Simpson is set to appear naked on the cover of the November issue of Playboy Magazine. The issue will also include a three-page pictorial and “interview” to mark The Simpsons 20th anniversary.

I’ll be honest, while I don’t watch the Simpsons every week I’m not one of those nerds that feels the need to hate on the show. If I have to hear one more nerd proclaim how the show isn’t “near as good as season 3” or some such nonsense I’ll puke. I think the Simpsons should pretty much always be on the air. It’s great mindless entertainment.

Although I do have to admit this is probably the oddest crossover I can remember. Playboy has been pulling a lot of really stupid stunts lately, so I have to wonder how their readership will enjoy this. But I guess if any cartoon woman has earned it, it’s Marge.

Does anyone else remember the Sampsons? I know this isn’t something I just dreamed up. The Sampsons were very popular for about a year or so and then all the merchandise disappeared, as well as all reference to them anywhere. For those that don’t know, the Sampsons were imitation Simpson merchandise that hit right about the time that the Simpsons were blowing up huge in the early 90’s. They didn’t have a TV show or any of that stuff, it was simply bootleg Simpson stuff with all of the characters being black.

At the time Bart Simpson was everywhere. Along with all his “Don’t have a cow man” and “Cowabunga” stuff. I don’t remember what Bart Sampson’s shirts said, although I know some of them just said the same thing. However I think some of the others were more racially themed.

This was during the great African American clothes revolution of the 1990’s when dashikis, Malcom X hats and the colors of Africa were all the rage. Along with all that came the Sampsons… Which were basically black Simpsons wearing dashikis, Malcom X hats and the colors of Africa. Noticing a trend?

The fad didn’t last long, but the Sampsons seemed to have lasted even less. I can only assume that either the Matt Groening personally killed off whomever created the Sampsons, or Fox just put the major kibosh on the whole thing. It’s strange because they had hats, t-shirts, posters, etc… Seems like a lot of stuff to just completely disappear.

There appears to be no evidence that these characters ever existed, but here are some rather cheap imitations. The Sampsons stuff actually said “SAMPSONS” on it as opposed to the Simpsons. Whereas these items aren’t quite the same. I don’t remember the Sampsons stuff being so racist looking either, but it could have been for all I remember.

Bootleg Simpsons from South Africa

I myself, never owned any Sampsons stuff. I’m not even sure where you could buy it at, but I seem to recall actually seeing it in stores, in addition to flea markets and such. It wasn’t completely bootleg, someone was making it… But who, why or how I guess I’ll never know.

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