The Rocketeer


ReAction Rocketeer
The Rocketeer
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Funko

When The Rocketeer hit theaters in 1991, Disney put a ton of merchandising behind it. There was literally every kind of movie tie-in you could think of, from birthday party hats to paddle balls. Everything except one major tie-in… The only thing that was left out was action figures. Had Rocketeer turned into a hit, instead of a misunderstood gem, one imagines that a toy line would have been inevitable, perhaps as part of a cartoon. Instead, it’s taken over 20 years for us to get a “traditional” action figure of the Rocketeer.

Cliff Secord
But even that is a bit of a misnomer, as the Rocketeer is the first figure in Funko’s ReAction toy line. ReAction is a line of “retro” styled figures, in the format of vintage Kenner Star Wars figures. Okay, technically the Super 7 Alien figures came first, but those were created before Funko came on board and were based off decades old sculpts. Rocketeer is the first newly sculpted ReAction figure and he’s got a lot of hype and a lot to live up to.

So with all that pressure, does the Rocketeer manage to deliver? The answer is no, mostly it doesn’t. But does that mean this figure is worth skipping? Read on to find out why this may still be worth your time. Continue reading

Rocketmen from the Moon
Back in 2009 I mentioned that there was a “Commando Cody” Rocketman figure in the works from the folks at Executive Replicas. That seems like ages ago and it was. I emailed them a year or two ago to see if there was anything more to come of it. Much to my surprise, they said it was still coming out… Eventually.

Well eventually is apparently here because Go Hero and Executive Replicas have officially announced the Rocketman figure. This is based on the character from the 1950’s Republic serials. Most notably, King of the Rocket Men. The character also appeared in Commando Cody: Sky Marshall of the Universe, Radar Men from the Moon and Zombies of the Stratosphere.

Go Hero Rocketman

Underneath the helmet is George Wallace, who only played the Rocketman in the Radar Men from the Moon serial. Whether there were likeness or copyright issues that caused this name change or the fact that none of the films are mentioned by Go Hero, is beyond me. I’m just glad it’s finally coming out.

The figure is loaded to the gills with extras, including the ray gun cannon and a small version of the rocket ship that appeared in some of the serials. Almost everything in the set is metal. This is a nice bonus and helps add to the “high end” nature of this product. Unfortunately, it also comes at a cost. $260 is the retail on this bad boy when preorders come out in the weeks ahead.

Commando Cody Figure

I get that this is a very niche product, but I find the price to be about $100 more than realistically it’s worth. I’d much rather had a plastic helmet and no George Wallace sculpt if it could have shaved off a good portion of the price. Go Hero has had some pretty good success with their figures, but even a Rocketman lover like me is feeling a bit of sticker shock. Still, it looks like an excellent collector’s piece.

Let’s hope they do the Republic Volkite Robot next!

Rocketeer IDW #1 Review

The Rocketeer- Hollywood Horror #1
IDW Publishing
Story by Roger Langridge
Art by J. Bone

I’ve made it clear in the past that I’m a fan of the Rocketeer’s return to comics, even after the death of Dave Stevens. I’ve reviewed a few of the IDW Rocketeer comics in the past, but I thought I would take a look at one of the new mini-series containing the famed finhead. Hollywood Horror is a new series that started earlier this year, detailing the Rocketeer’s latest adventures of mystery and intrigue, with a nice dash of adventure and excitement on the side. Unlike some of the previous forays into this character, Hollywood Horror is brought to life by J. Bone in a very unique art style that is wholly different than anything Stevens ever did. Thankfully IDW has already numbed most the reading audience to these changes by doing the inaugural anthology series which had many different artists and writers working on it.

The Rocketeer Comic
By now you shouldn’t be shocked seeing a different take on the Rocketeer, but even so Hollywood Horror has a very distinctive style. For whatever the reason, I kept being reminded of the old Disney Adventures Magazine comic strips. I suppose on a certain level, this is apropos. Of course, there’s definitely more “sex” here, as it contains a lot of the same stalwarts that we’ve come to know in Rocketeer comics. Only this time, Betty isn’t drawn with almost ridiculous realism, but she still parades around scantly clad. It’s interesting if nothing else.

Rocketeer - Hollywood Horror 6
For a story that has a backdrop of old Hollywood, you’d think there would be more nods to the town itself. While Hollywood is a character in the story, it’s not much of one. I guess I was hoping that with that title, we’d see some sort of old Universal style monsters. No such luck as of yet, although there certainly is something monstrous going on. We do get some fun nods to classic comic strip characters like Mutt and Jeff, along with a helping of nostalgic overtones that have always been a staple of the Rocketeer books. Continue reading

Santa League 3

The big guy is on his way! What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

This week the League wants to know what’s on my Christmas list? Well, I have to say that I don’t have much in mind. Typically around this time of year I have lots of wants. I normally could rattle off a dozen different things that I want. But this year? Not so much.

Sure there are things I could enjoy, but there’s almost nothing out there that I really, really want. This holiday season has been very stressful for me. Between a variety of charities, buying for some family members and doing donation drives like Infinite Toys For Tots, I’ve been far more into giving than receiving this year. Trust me, I’m shocked too. Normally I’m pretty selfish, ya know?

I feel pretty lucky this time of year, as I have darn near everything I could want. I suspect there’s also a big part of me that has some apathy towards everything that’s currently in the toy aisles. I get more excited about older lines than I do current stuff.Honestly, I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever I get.

I am hopeful I might get some Adventure Team stuff from my Secret Santa and beyond that, I’ve pretty much left things to chance. My GF is planning some sort of big surprise for me, but I haven’t the foggiest clue what it could be. Likewise, I don’t expect anyone else in my family to get me anything “cool”. This year will probably be the least toy filled year I’ve had in quite some time. I think that says a lot about where my toy collecting habits are these days.

But I have to put something on this wish list, don’t I? I won’t do anything lame like “world peace” or whatever, because that’s no fun. This is supposed to be a WISH list. Something extravagant and rare… Hmm…


Continue reading

At C2E2 the Captain Action crew mentioned that they had worked out a deal to do a new costume set that wasn’t Marvel and would be a big score for them. Unfortunately they didn’t have it ready to preview at the event like they hoped they would. A few weeks have went by and we haven’t heard much about it, but just today news has slipped through the cracks.

Round 2 and Captain Action Enterprises haven’t officially announced it yet, but AmokeTime and other retailers have started to take preoders. It looks like Round 2 will be doing a Captain Action as the Rocketeer! This is a pretty big deal as the Rocketeer license has been notoriously difficult to wrangle. Many us of lament the failed ToyBiz bid to get the license during the Legendry Comic Book Heroes days.

But Round 2 have come through against the odds, it would seem. The preview mock-up shows the movie rocket pack. I hope that’s what we get as well, since the comic rocket has never looked as good in my mind. This appears to be licensed through IDW as well. Lots of neat stuff going on for Captain Action.

This is not the first Rocketeer figure to come down the pipeline, but it’s probably the most economical in recent years. I look forward to seeing what Round 2 and Captain Action can do with this one. I really hope they do solid plastic helmet!

As a big Rocketeer fan, I am greatly excited by this and it exceeds my thoughts on what this license would be. Someday I’ll get around to reviewing my other Rocketeer figures. I have a small stockpile of them. I’d love to add the Round 2 Captain Action version to the collection. There aren’t many details at the moment, but if we get more, we’ll pass them along.