I promised we’d be back to posting regularly and what better way to get back into things than with a Tuesday edition of TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

This week, we venture into the land of controversy, Target! What sort of toys do they have on their shelves? Come inside and let’s take a peek!

Hulk Face

Me am Hulk! Me SMASH! Hulk face smash!

We start things off with this sort of crazy looking Hulk bop ball. I don’t really know what a bop ball is, but it looks like you inflate it and then punch it a bunch. Seems like the sort of thing David Banner could have used back in the day (cue sad piano music) but the real prize here is that face. Just look at that face!

Hulk isn’t the only one with a wonky face, Look at this smug grin on this Marvel Universe Comic 2 Pack of Thor.

Dude, what’s with that face? I can’t tell if he’s being arrogant because he just farted or if he’s done something much more dastardly. Seriously, that’s a terrible face sculpt. C’mon Hasbro! At least the Hulk Bop Ball was fun!

Tanooki Mario World of Nintendo
Tanooki Suit Mario! Man, I would have murdered my neighbors for a figure of this back in 1988! Best I had were those McDonalds Super Mario Bros 3 Happy Meal Toys. Continue reading

Mattel Halloween Batman Figure Review
Dark Knight Rises
Halloween Batman
4 Inch Scale
By: Mattel
Back when the Dark Knight hit theatres a few years ago, Mattel put out a plethora of toys in a variety of scales. One that caught many people’s attention, was their 4 inch line which gave some insight on how Mattel would do a smaller scale line. When Mattel got around to pumping out figures for the Dark Knight Rises, this year, the options are more limited. The 4 inch line is back though and this Halloween season, Target has a Halloween Exclusive Batman.

Target Exclusive Batman Review

I’ve often lamented that there just aren’t enough Halloween toys that could be handed out as treats. Every year Target seems to have a small aisle for these sorts of items, but for whatever the reason it seems that girls get the pick of the litter. They often have several figures, Polly Pocket, Barbie and others to choose from with a Halloween theme. Boys usually have a Lego set, which often isn’t even really a Halloween theme and some Hot Wheels that might be slightly monster oriented at best.

Long Halloween Batman Review

This year though, Mattel has risen to the occasion with a rather unique variant of Batman in black and orange. They’ve even made the packaging reflect the Halloween spirit. We know Mattel can do good packaging, but is this a good toy?
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IDW Ninja Turtles Comic

The folks at Nickelodeon, IDW, Target and Playmates have teamed up to create one of the coolest toy promotions in recent memory. Launched yesterday at SDCC, Target and Nickelodeon are giving away a special IDW comic book which uses the new Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles figures from Playmates in place of traditional comic drawings. Figure comics are nothing new, but they’re rarely done at this level and I don’t recall any major publishers actually making a comic like this.

Ninja Turtles Shell Raising Showdown Contest

While the comic in itself is cool (and just a glorified but brilliant ad for Playmates’ new toys) the best part is the contest. The comic ends on a cliffhanger, with the Shredder showing up. You are then redirected to a site which shows you the “possible” ending in the form of a short stop motion animation. It’s pretty awesome. The contest however, is for you to send in your own TMNT video to provide an ending.

Ninja Turtles Nickelodeon Figures at Infinite Hollywood

The video must be 2 minutes or less in length and if your video is chosen as the winner, you can win a TMNT comic, all four Turtles figures signed by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, plus a gray cast proto figure, a paint master figure AND a $500 Target gift card! The quality on their video is really good and I wish that you just had to complete the comic in comic format, since I can do that much easier. None the less, I’ll probably enter and give it a whirl.

You can download the IDW TMNT figure comic and find out all the contest details here.

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of articulation, a dimension of mind, a dimension of dork and paint applications, one part electric slide one part electric bugaloo, it’s time for another edition of… TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

Yes while today does start our official coverage of C2E2, I won’t have most the pictures and details until tonight. So in the meantime, let’s take a stroll down the local toy aisles and see what’s popping!

First I want to point out something new Hasbro has cooked up. Selling masks. Sure, there have always been a handful of masks/costumes in the toy aisle, but Hasbro is now marketing a specific mask for every brand of their superheroes.

And it’s not just superheroes either, Transformers is getting in on the action! These masks are all actually pretty cool because while they resemble the old Ben Cooper masks in a way, they’re much more detailed and are a hard plastic. The GF tried a few on and they fit her alright, so I guess some adults could even sport these.

And if you decide to buy the Thor mask, you might as well pick up the Mjölnir roleplay toy as well.

There was a decent rollout of Thor toys on the shelves as well. The big movie seems to be getting a decent launch, toy wise. Of course I more or less find Thor pretty boring.

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I shop at stores, so you don’t have to.

Right out the gate we stop at Target and check out their new MU two pack exclusives. Notice something different here? Yup, somebody pulled a swap. I have to wonder though, is this a better swap? I like the old Punisher figure more than this new one. Iron Man was swapped too, but again, the SHS Iron Man isn’t bad.

Speaking of swaps, this Target was loaded down with old Star Wars guys. Either someone found a way to return them, or Target found these guys hiding under a pallet in the back.

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