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I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve been up late and had the munchies. You know the deal, you’re out partying, you come back and everyone is hungry but no one knows what to eat. Everyone has suggestions, but each person wants something different. And then there’s nowhere open that has the stuff that you want. I can recall driving all over town on many a night, trying to find a cure for that craving of good food.

But all that is in the past, thanks to Jacks Munchie Meals! These meals are exclusive to Jack in the Box and are offered from 9pm until 5am in the morning. You know, the ultimate munchie times! Each meal not only has 2 tacos and Jack’s special halfsies fries, but it also has a drink and whatever main option you want. Whether it’s a Grilled Cheese Burger, Loaded Nuggets (with ranch and bacon!), Exploding Cheesy Chicken or the Brunch Burger (with hashbrowns on the burger). Continue reading

Have you ever wanted to seal your information in carbonite, like Jabba The Hutt did to Han Solo? Are you up to date on the latest science and technology news that’s out there? Let’s face it, backups couldn’t be more important these days with so much potential out there for computer problems. But how can you protect your important documents, safely and securely? With Carbonite backup pricing deals you get a chance to take a look at what the best deals on carbonite backup plans are. They offer the widest selection of discounts, coupons and pricing plans available. Never feel like you’re out there all alone again.

There is often so much science and technology news out there, that it’s hard to know where to turn. But there’s one place that has it all. The world of technology and the best coupon codes around for the software and services that you need.

With this Carbonite offer code, you’ll be able to see the savings and file security with those crucial backups in less time than it takes Han Solo to make the Kessel run! Seriously, if you’re into carbonite backup savings, these are the deals for you. Continue reading

Have you heard about DealDash? They’re a great auction site alternative with a fun and inventive way to bid on great items. You can score tons of expensive items for a fraction of the cost. With DealDash you never know what you’re going to be able to score. It’s like heading out into the goldmine! There’s an awesome Deal Dash Youtube video to explain the benefits of DealDash versus other auction websites. Continue reading

This post brought to you by babycalculators. All opinions are 100% mine.

This website is frequented by concerned parents and Mothers all the time. That’s why we’re quite fond of the new Baby Growth Chart Widget that’s available for websites. What this widget does, is allow you to keep track of your child’s growth in a fun and interactive way. If you run a “Mom Blog” or have a site the caters to kids and the parents who raise them, this widget is an essential way to keep things engaging and entice other Moms and Dads to stay longer on your site.

This growth chart uses the rigid and very useful international standards for child growth. This is the information officially used by the World Heath Organization, to help make sure your baby is reaching their targeted growth in an optimal environment. This is useful not only for Moms and Dads, but for anyone who visits your website. Potentially increasing your SEO in the blog and also giving you more fun downloads for your visitors. Did I mention that you save this as an image or print the charts out? Well you can! Talk about keeping things simple and carefree. Continue reading

One of the oldest questions that bachelors seeking women ask themselves, is do pheromones work? If you’ve ever tried to attract the opposite sex, you’ve likely wondered about this. The truth is that pheromones do work, as they’re part of nature’s way to keep the species alive. For guys like us, that’s just a bonus. There are two types of pheromones, but the must important ones are the “releaser” types. This is the version that puts out a secret scent to attract the ladies. Pheromones are odors that are fast-acting and behavior-changing and there’s a great website that sells mens pheromones to help you attract the fairer sex.

Their website is chocked full of incredible products to help you use the power of pheromones to improve your game. Their top rated product is the Chikara cologne, which combines the power of pheromones with a great smell that will have everyone remarking about how nice you smell. Forget the generic products on the mass market shelves that are full of advertisements claiming to make you have to hold the women back, this is using legitimate pheromones and great natural smells into a cologne that really works!

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