Savage Mondo Blitzers

Every Friday we hop into our toy time machine and take a look back at a classic older toy. Today we’re taking a look at one of Kenner’s 1991 creations, the Savage Mondo Blitzers. It’s scary that it’s already been 11 years since these little guys were on the market.

While skateboarding is all the rage these days, it’s not the first time the “craze” has come around. It first hit in the 70s and then it came back around in the late 80s and early 90s. The big difference in those days was that the craze didn’t really hit middle America. Sure, I’m certain that some kids picked it up, but it wasn’t huge like everyone makes it out to be.

In California and places like that, clearly it took off. Paving the way for many of the famous skaters we know today. However for most of us, skateboarding was something that the Ninja Turtles did and the rest of us wished we could do. I had a skateboard, but I was the only kid in my neighborhood to have one. I couldn’t do much of anything on it and spent most the time just rolling down my Grandmother’s car port.

Now the skateboard invasion has taken full hold. Heck there’s a skateboard park right down the road from me. But back in 1991 all you had was Skate or Die and toys like the Savage Mondo Blitzers to tell you about how cool skateboarding was.

Savage Mondo Blitzers were just one of many toys of the era that put an emphasis on the skateboard. What made these little buggers unique is that they were sort of like Rat Fink and the hot-rod characters of the 50s & 60s but done in the 90s gross out mentality. As a result, most of these characters look like they could have come from a Troma film or something.

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