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Some photos of Playmates new TMNT movie figures have snuck out. The Michael Bay produced Turtles movie has been doomed from the start, but even if you had some hope that at least the designs of the titular heroes might be good, think again. These photos give us our best look at the designs to date. They’re easily the worst versions of the TMNT ever created. It’s like the Jim Lee Turtles had sex with the Next Mutation Turtles and then were mutated by a radioactive turd. Yes, they’re that bad.

teenage mutant ninja turtles-movie figures 1
It’s clear that the problem here isn’t Playmates, but rather the designs themselves. Even though the 1990 movie was done with much more rudimentary technology, they managed to capture the essence of the TMNT. These new desgins look terrible, not only in form, but function. The Turtles all have odd shaped bodies, different sized heads and of course, layers of clothes.

teenage mutant ninja turtles-movie figures 2
Oh and I almost forgot, the Turtles are apparently giants now. Some movie stills show the TMNT towering over April and other humans. It’s as if the guy behind this movie was intentionally trying to strip away all the elements that were recognizable while still leaving just enough to lure in nostalgia fans and unsuspecting kids. Oh right, Michael Bay.

teenage mutant ninja turtles-movie figures 3
For what it’s worth, the figures themselves also look terrible. The articulation seems almost non-existent. This could be an early draft, but I’m guessing it’s closer to the final figures. So why do they look so bad? I get the feeling that even Playmates knows these designs won’t sell and that the movie will cause a fan revolt and they want to focus more of their efforts on the popular Nick TMNT figures.

I am cringing at the thought of this movie actually seeing the light of day. The Turtles are getting so popular right now that it’s the PERFECT time for a well done movie to hit. Unfortunately, what we’re getting is the exact opposite.

TMNT Leatherhead figure review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5 Inch Scale
By: Playmates

In the 1980′s TMNT cartoon, Leatherhead is sort of a generic mutant villain who spoke like he was the reincarnation of cajun chef, Justin Wilson. In the Archie TMNT comics, Leatherhead developed beyond this point to actually become a hero. However, it was in the original Mirage comics that Leatherhead got his start.

Nick TMNT Figure Reviews
In the Mirage comics, Leatherhead is an important character as he’s the only other “mutant” created by the TCRI mutagen. Unlike his cartoon counterpart, he’s actually a brilliant creature, who was raised by the Utroms and wants to get back to their homeworld, as he only really feels at home with the Utroms.

The new Nickelodeon show has Leatherhead be a bit closer to his roots, but since the Utroms (Kraang) are evil, he’s more of a generic mutant than anything. Leatherhead loses some of his special qualities because of this, but he’s still a character that has appeared a few times and has potential to be more. So how is the action figure form? Continue reading

I was able to get some photos of the next round of the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles figures due out. What makes these photos interesting, is that they follow the same guideline of “leaked” figures that were revealed earlier this week in an online list. That list, mentioned the Kirby Bat and Squirrelanoid specifically. Also on that list was a Nick Rocksteady and Bebop… So this could be interesting. Of course, it could also mean nothing.

First up is Mutagen Man, who we pretty much knew was coming. Mutagen Man was actually set up in the first season of the show, so we can expect him to be a major character in at least one episode. Perhaps several of Season 2. While he looks okay, he really lacks the fun and gruesome nature of the original. Just compare…

I think the original Mutagen Man is still a lot more fun. I will likely still pick up the new one, but it won’t be as memorable. I do applaud Nick for recreating the character.

Next we have the Kirby Bat. I’m not sure what this character will be all about, but as is typical with the TMNT, it will tie into Jack Kirby in some way. The figure doesn’t look particularly interesting to me. And frankly, a bit grotesque. Maybe he’s an artist who gets turned into a bat? Continue reading

Well Playmates has finally gotten around to showing off their sculpts for the next round of Classics figures. It’s Rocksteady and Bebop. Two of the most requested and popular figures in the toy line’s history. When Peter Laird gained control of the TMNT property fully a few years back, he took a very hardline stance against Rocksteady & Bebop. He couldn’t see them reinvented in any fashion as serious characters. As a result, Playmates never made any new toys of them, despite wanting to at times.

However, Nickelodeon doesn’t have such restrictions on Playmates and we knew that eventually a Classics line would have to include Shredder’s favorite mutant cretins. And they’re finally here in the plastic. After the success of the regular Turtles, we’ve all had high hopes that these goons would look just as good.


And look at that image. Perfect in just about every way. Man, I would pay $50 or more for these figures. Don’t they just look perfect?! I can’t wait to have these figures from Playmates… Oh, right… I almost forgot. These AREN’T the figures that Playmates is giving us, but rather a Photoshop manipulation from a guy on the forum named “grungethemovie”. So what are we getting? Take a look behind the cut…

Continue reading


It was just the other day I was talking about the leaked info on the New Ninja Turtle Figures for 2013 and now I can show you detailed photos of all the speculated characters. Although Toy Fair is a few weeks away, the Hong Kong Toy Fair is already producing some information, including our first look at all the new Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles product.

Mousers2 TFTMNT10

Much to my surprise, the Mousers are not a retread of the 2K3 sculpt, but in fact the most comic accurate Mouser sculpt ever done by ANY company. They look to have articulated heads, jaws and legs, but not knees. Playmates could have easily re-released their stellar 2K3 sculpt, but I have to give them props for this new Mouser sculpt. Even if I actually think the 2K3 sculpt is more accurate to the Nickelodeon source material. These Mousers will be super popular, and although it’s a 7 pack, it appears that half the Mousers are black. I’m not sure what that’s about.


Our first look at the new Shredder and Splinter is sort of disappointing. On one hand, Shredder comes with a cape now and a second unmasked head. He also may have knee joints, or at least knee bends in his sculpt. Splinter, on the other hand, is in some sort of training suit and he looks pretty terrible. Also in the lineup is our first look at some new unannounced figures, like the Toddler Turtles and special mission suit Turtles. The Toddler Turtles look fun, but don’t look better than the 2K3 versions. I’ll probably still pick them up, though.

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