Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head
Monster Mash
7 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro

For years Mr. Potato Head remained largely unchanged, but in the last decade or so he’s become a powerhouse of various special editions. Two years ago I reviewed the Mr. Potato Head Trick or Tater, and this year I saw the new version, Monster Mash! When I saw him in the store, I just had to get him… Although he looked a bit light on accessories compared to his previous skins.

The packaging is pretty simple in the realm of Mr. Potato Head toys. These are little bubble cards that are almost like a clamshell, but are actually cards. Potato Head is pretty easy to get free and he comes mostly assembled.

The back sort of explains what all he comes with. This would make more sense if it wasn’t all so readily visible, but it’s pretty clear what he comes with just by looking in the package. One interesting note is that Potato Head no longer just has feet… He also has “pants”. It’s a tiny, tiny difference, though.

You might naturally assume that all Mr. Potato Heads are alike. I know that’s what I thought. However, upon closer examination, he’s quite a bit different than the previous model.

The new potato body is shaped a bit different without a “mouth” preformed and is quite a bit shorter. You could say he’s a small fry! The mouth piece now has a large opening, so you can move his mouth around a bit.

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Today I’m taking a look at something a little different. It’s a Halloween Mr. Potato Head known as “Trick or Tater”. I had seen this guy on a few different places and was hoping to buy one. I haven’t seen him in any stores but tonight I stumbled across him at Target and figured I might as well get him while I still could.

I’m going to do a full review but it’ll be more brief than normal because of the nature of the toy. I haven’t messed around with Mr. Potato Head in probably 20 years, so let’s see how he shapes up after all this time.

The package is about as basic as you can get. When I was a kid Mr. Potato Head came in a box, but it seems like he’s gotten a smaller package over time. This one is pretty good with a card backer and the whole front encased in a bubble.

I was able to get the package open in a way that allowed me to even repackage it back up if I wanted. So that’s a plus. It’s not really a collector friendly package but it was nice that I didn’t have to tear it up to get him out.

The back (as well as the front) give you a couple of ideas for costumes as well as lists all his parts. I don’t think Mr. Potato Head’s arms used to come out of the sockets, but I could be wrong about that. I’m fairly certain the one I had as a kid had them made in there though.

He’s a Mr. Potato Head… I mean really.

He can move his arms with a swivel and his feet can pivot a bit. All his eyes, ears, etc also can swivel and pop out.

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