Mighty World

Mighty World
Dean the Highway Patrol Officer
3” Scale
By: Titan Works
$5.99 at Tuesday Morning

Way back in my first Mighty World Review, the Hazardous Materials Team, I mentioned seeing a police officer on a motorcycle that I’d left behind. I later regretted that decision when he was no where to be found on my next visit. Luckily I stumbled onto a rather large selection of Mighty World figures at a Tuesday Morning on the other side of town and I was able to bring home Dean and his hog.

This is his story.

I opted to pick up Dean in the small orange box pictured in this article but I had the option to get him in a clear plastic clamshell. I actually think the clamshell is a lot more attractive on the shelf but I grabbed the box because it gives me somewhere to store Dean when he’s not in use. Both styles of packaging appeared to come with the same accessories so it’s entirely up to you which one you decide to scoop up.

Dean the cop is sculpted in a cartoony, stubby style that makes him super cute in his highway officer uniform. There’s something about a funny faced little fella in a role that usually inspires respect and a little bit of fear that just works. Dean has a cool leather jacket with his badge attached on the outside over a pair of khaki pants. He’s also wearing some nice motorcycle boots that look really tough. I have to say that I’m really loving the individually sculpted bodies on these figures, each new set has a brand new look for the character that gives them their own personality.

Dean’s bike is a typical looking (to me) police motorcycle. It has a nice, wide stance that gives it a look of stability which I always associate with police on motorcycles. They look just as calm and comfortable whether their in fast pursuit or pulling up next to you at a stop light. The bike has just enough detail to convey the important parts without moving too far into realism, it’s a perfect blend of accuracy and style that allows for a ton of play options. The bike looks nice with Joes, Marvel figures and pretty much any other toy close to the scale of the Mighty World stuff.

An interesting feature of the motorcycle is the removable section in the middle of the bike right over the gas cap and seat. Taking this section out reveals a place for Dean to straddle the bike even though his articulation doesn’t allow him to bend his legs outward to wrap around his ride. This is a really nice solution that maintains the realism of the bike when Dean’s not riding it while also making it possible for the Mighty World figures to get on board.

As usual I am extremely pleased with the paint applications on Dean and his motorcycle.

Dean has the usual Mighty World cuts at the shoulders, wrists, neck and hips. He gets just enough range out of them to allow him to convincingly sit on the bike and get into the essential poses for a kid’s toy. Dean can sit and stand well and grip all of his gear with ease.

As usual with Mighty World sets Dean comes with a crap-ton of extra parts. Here’s the breakdown:

Hand Cuffs
Parking Cones (YESSS)
Stop Sign
Billy Club

A lot of these parts are ones that I’ve seen before, mostly from the K-9 Unit I reviewed a while back, but they all feel appropriate for Dean to have. I think the clipboard is my favorite of them all, it’s just such a strange item for a kid’s toy to come with and the idea of a kid acting out his toys doing paperwork cracks me up.

Every piece fits smoothly into his little hands and slides out easily enough. The only reasonable complaint that I can think of is that he comes with too much stuff! There’s just no where you can actually keep all this stuff when Dean’s not using it. That’s a pretty nice problem to have!

I’m buying all of these Mighty World sets at closeout prices, $6 for this set feels like an absolute steal to me. I’ve looked at some of the other sets at local toy stores recently hoping to track down some of the newer, weirder sets and the regular prices are definitely quite a bit higher. Once you combine the MSRP with the standard mark-up for a smaller business a small set like this can creep up out of my range.

Even at the higher price though you are still getting a very well made and neat looking motorcycle, a cop in a unique CHIPS -style uniform and a pile of accessories. Dean is MSRP $11.99 on the Mighty World website which is just a little more than you’d expect to pay for a Deluxe GI Joe or a small LEGO set. He’s a good value for that price but obviously even better if you have a Tuesday Morning you can swing into!

Summary, is he “Hot Fuzz” or “Cobra” ?:
Ah who am I kidding? I loved “Cobra” too.

Dean and his motorcycle make a really fun, cool looking set that I’m happy to have in my collection and on my desk. The motorcycle itself is one of the best toy vehicles that I’ve ever owned. It’s crazy that I can put Dean on it as intended or leave the regular seat in place and share the bike with everything from GI Joes to Marvel Universe to Revoltechs. It’s this really strange in-between space of realism and cartoon that I’ve never seen before.

Dean, the figure, is probably the least exciting part of the set because he’s just another smirky little dude and even he is a lot of fun. Just because he’s named Dean doesn’t mean he has to be the same cop that comes with a horse or that is included in the big police set. A simple hair-swap gives you a brand new character: Fernando! Latin lover and professional chef, plus he’s single…..ladies.

You gotta get down to Tuesday Morning, or hop online, and pick up a Mighty World set for yourself to play with. You’ll have fun fooling around with the accessories at the very least and when you’re done you can safely pass it on to you or your neighbor’s kid.

Mighty World
Ken’s Kayak Adventure
3” Scale
By: Titan Works
$4.99 at Tuesday Morning

I keep finding myself drawn back to Tuesday Morning and back to the toy section where there are literally piles of Mighty World play sets. It seems like every time I’m there I find a hidden gem of a set that I never even knew existed, hidden behind that Police Ambulance, tucked under the Construction Team and waiting for me.

On my last visit I stumbled onto Ken and his Kayak mixed in with a bunch of Prince of Persia figures and hiding behind a Tron airplane thing. I’d never seen the KKA box before so I don’t know if it was a new arrival or if I just missed the tiny orange box every time I foraged for toys before. Either way, I knew Ken, his kayak and his tiny cans of beans and soup were coming home with me and, eventually, to you.

Ken is all wrapped up in a fairly tiny orange box in the same style of the majority of the Mighty World toys that I’ve run into. The box shows Ken expertly navigating treacherous rapids and tracking some kind of wild animal through the woods, perhaps he’s on the trail of the elusive Jersey Devil or a Sasquatch (great, now I need Mighty World Cryptids).

An interesting thing I noticed while out looking at these toys is that the packaging is FAR from consistent on them. Some of the same figures come packaged in both a plastic blister card and a cardboard box in the same store while some of the bigger vehicle sets show up with and without a clear window showing off the figures. I’m not sure what this means, but I found it intriguing.

Ken is sculpted with a lot of detail all over his clothing. He’s wearing a long sleeve shirt to ward off bites and a many-pocketed vest up top along with cargo pants and some serious looking boots on the bottom. His entire outfit is painted beautifully right down to the buttons on his shirt. There’s even a nice weathered paint wash over the vest, you can be sure that Ken has been all over the place in it.

Ken’s head and hands are cast in a peach color that may be a little too light for someone supposedly out in the woods all the time. His face is painted on with one upraised eyebrow, it’s a good look for someone who resembles Indiana Jones, and he comes off as very cocky and sure of himself.

Paint overall is very good, clean and precise. I continue to be amazed at the obvious care and attention to detail shown on these little figures! That said, my Ken figure came with 2 right hands installed. This is the first time I have run into a quality control problem with any of these figures and while it doesn’t inhibit his ability to hold things I have to admit I was extremely let down to find my first fault in a Mighty World product.

Ken shares the same articulation with all 3 of the previous Mighty World figures I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. He can turn his head left and right, lift and lower his arms and legs as well as swivel his wrists. These minimal joints don’t give him a ton of options when being posed but they serve the purpose of letting him sit in the kayak and use his gear nicely.

Here’s where the real fun begins!

Ken comes with his titular kayak as well as a gaggle of small pieces to make his travel easier. Included is a nicely printed paper map, 1 can of soup, 1 can of beans, a machete, a flashlight, a grappling hook, a walkie talkie, a gray briefcase that opens, a big brown duffel bag and an oar. On top of the gear, Ken gets an extra hat-less hair piece to wear when it gets hot. It’s really impressive how many tiny, sculpted pieces come in a set this small and inexpensive.

The oar surprised me by being offset like a real oar would be rather than simply having both sections facing the same way. I also had a lot of fun posing him with the machete but, if we’re being honest, it wasn’t until I saw the tiny cans of food that I was positive I had to bring this set home.

The kayak is mostly a solid tan color that matches the handle of the oar it has a seat sculpted into it that fits Ken’s non-butt very well and it feels very sturdy. There are really nice bands of grayish paint washed over the sections that give the kayak a bit of a tiger striped look, could this be the start of the Mighty World Tiger Force? I can’t even tell you how excited I just got typing that, it’s really embarrassing actually.

The MSRP for Ken’s Kayak Adventure is $9.99, about the cost of a Deluxe Transformer or a G.I. Joe Deluxe figure with a small vehicle. He provides about the same amount of play as the Transformer but significantly more than a single G.I. Joe with vehicle.

The accessories alone provide you with a lot of interesting options for play. Most of them would work nicely with any figure in a similar scale and the cartoony proportions can allow some of them to cross over and be used with bigger figures. Much like the traffic cones from the Haz Mat Team I’ve found the soup and beans cans endlessly entertaining!

If you can find this set at a discount store like I did it feels practically criminal to leave it on the shelf for $4.99. The whole thing is made with care and attention to detail and feels like it will last for a very long time even under somewhat strenuous play.

The Mighty World play sets and figures have been a joy to explore, play with and write about. Ken’s Kayak Adventure, while small, is full of all kinds of interesting possibilities that kids, their parents and silly man-boys like myself will definitely enjoy.

While the discovery of the wrong hand on Ken’s left side was a disappointment for me both because I now own a flawed toy and have found a blemish on the Mighty World toys glowing surface it isn’t any reason to steer clear of this item or of any other Mighty World set.

I can’t wait to get back to Tuesday Morning to see if they’ve gotten in any other Mighty World sets for me to look at and I encourage you to seek out a local retailer that carries these guys. Check out the website at www.mightyworld.com to peruse their gallery of other sets and if any of them seem interesting you can actually order them there. As for Ken, his kayak and the pile of gear he comes with I loved them and I recommend them to anyone.

Mighty World
Light + Sound Mobile K-9 Unit
3” Scale
By: Mighty World
$14.99 at Tuesday Morning, MSRP $29.99

You might remember in my glowing review of the Mighty World Hazardous Materials Team set that I mentioned a K-9 set and how much I wanted to get it. Well my wife remembered and she sneakily ventured into Tuesday Morning to pick up Easter gifts, one of which was the K-9 Unit!

I’ve really loved checking out these Mighty World toys, so much so that I have already been around to different stores to see what was available. I hope everyone else is enjoying looking at these figures because I’ve got several reviews of them in the tube! Let’s open up the K-9 Unit, my first vehicle set, and see if it was worth all the excitement.

The K-9 set comes in a bigger version of the bright orange cardboard box that the Haz Mat Team came in. It’s got one big difference and that’s the fact that you can see the human figure through a clear window on the side. I like this change, it reminds me of the old GI Joe vehicles and how much fun it was to look at the different pilots in the store.

The box shows several nice pictures of the K-9 Team in action and using all of their gear to sniff out the bad guys. Just like the Haz Mat Team there are no pictures of other sets in the toy line, something I miss dearly on modern toys. While there was a large selection of Mighty World toys at the Tuesday Morning I visited I had no idea if there were some sets I hadn’t seen until I went online to look. Surely a small section showing a few other sets would increase sales!

I’m going to talk in this section about 3 different sculpts; the Cop, the Dog and the Truck. They’re all extremely well sculpted and, surprisingly, crafted in slightly different but complementary styles. I mentioned this in my Haz Mat review but it’s worth repeating, the Mighty World stuff is designed in a “just off” realistic style that works perfectly for the intended market. Just enough realism to make them exciting and just enough cartoon influence to make them instantly attractive to kids.

The cop is built on a base body just like all of the other male Mighty World characters with several extra sculpted details that work hand in hand with paint to make him into a unique figure. He’s got sculpted gloves, pockets, cargo pants and boots that all give him a really tough police specialist feel. The features on the face look tampoed on and the beard plus angry eyes look great on him and make him look serious but cute.

The dog is a great little companion to our cop and he’s got just a bit more detail on him that makes him feel a tiny bit different from the rest of the set design-wise. He’s still got a cute, cartoony look on his face but the detail of the fur sets him apart. The ears are swept forward as if he smells something and is about to pounce forward. It’s a good pose for what’s surely a drug or weapons sniffing dog. He’s got a great, multi-layered paint job that really does a great job subbing in for actual fur.

The truck is, without a doubt, the coolest thing about the set. I’ll get more into what it’s able to do under the “Articulation” section, but it’s awesome. The design of the truck is very smooth without any unneeded details to clutter it up. I keep calling it a truck but I guess it’s truly some kind of small SUV. It’s got 4 full sized seats as well as a trunk area and it’s mostly molded in the right colors with paint/tampos creating the lettering. The style of the wheels is really neat, even going so far as to give the hub caps or rims a fancy design. I really can’t say enough about the little extras that make the truck so cool, from the fully sculpted grill and headlights to the rumples in the seat cushions it’s quality work all around.

Again I want to talk about all 3 parts on their own because the cop, the dog and yes even the vehicle have their own different points of articulation.

The cop has pretty spartan joints with cut hips as well as swivel shoulders, wrists and neck. While it’s really nothing to write home about the articulation gets the job done. All of the joints move freely and smoothly and feel really solid. I’m really happy I can rotate the wrists and that addition says a lot about the quality of the product. While it’d be easy to wish for more articulation I don’t know how much more could have been reasonably squeezed into such a small figure without ruining it’s charm.

The dog has 5 joints, all swivels, at the head and at each shoulder. Just like on his partner all of the joints on the pooch work smoothly and feel very well constructed. I’m impressed that the dog is more than just a solid lump of plastic (GI Joe has left me with pretty low expectations) and I’ve enjoyed playing around with different poses, especially different variations of him hanging out of the car. The neck joint is the only truly useful joint, however, because without the legs posed just right the dog has a hard time standing.

Surprisingly enough the truck is most articulated member of the K-9 Unit sporting opening doors, a lowering tailgate, 2 back seats that fold down for more storage space and even a removable ceiling making this possibly the first convertible police truck! The joints that the doors connect to all open and close smoothly, they click into place subtly and I never had to struggle to get the truck or any of it’s parts into the different “modes”. The removable roof is a nice touch because it makes it easier to get figures into the back seats and allows you to appreciate all of the extra details back there.

The K-9 Unit comes with a boatload of accessories that all make sense to include, it’s almost TOO MANY accessories for 1 guy to use. Let’s break it down:

Megaphone – for warning perps before the puppy comes callin
Handcuffs – extra protection once the crooks are caught
Leash / Collar – clips around the dogs neck and into the cop’s hand
Flashlight – for shining into dark hiding places
AK-47 – seriously, he comes with an AK-47
Stop Sign – Traffic Duty!
Duffel Bag – probably full of treats for the puppy
Walkie Talkie – for calling in threats or ordering takeout
A removable trailer hitch!
Helmet – for when he’s driving crazy
Cap w/ Hair and Sunglasses – you gotta look cool when you patrol the streets!

I only had one issue with the accessories, the AK-47 was somewhat difficult to get into his hand and when I finally did it would only point sideways. I’m a bit puzzled at the inclusion of an assault rifle with a K-9 Officer, a shot gun or maybe a pistol feels like a better fit, but it’s a neat weapon that’s well painted and it’s probably the most adorable AK-47 I’ve ever seen.

In addition to all the gear, there’s also a “LIghts + Sounds” feature advertised on the box. I actually jumped the first time I pushed the button on the top of the lights because I wasn’t expecting batteries to be in it already and it was SO LOUD. It’s a pretty cool thing for the truck to have but I’m positive I’d want those things disabled if there was kid playing with it on a regular basis!

These guys sport an MSRP of $29.99, a price that feels a smidgen high to me. I don’t remember how much they retailed for at places like Target when they carried them but I do know the price was high enough that I never sprung for them back then. The thing is this set packs quite a lot into the box. Maybe my perspective is just off from too many months spent prowling the discount shops, I might not have bought it on a lark at the original price but I could see getting it now knowing the quality of what’s in there.

Thankfully I have a loving wife who saw me drooling over the set and decided to scoop it up for me. I’m glad she didn’t have to spend $30 to get this for me and the price it was available for at Tuesday Morning ($14.99) takes the value of the set from alright to just unbeatable. The whole set is extremely well made and feels like it could survive some heavy abuse, it’d be worth a parent investing the full price since the set would last a long time.

Just like the Haz Mat Team this Mighty World K-9 Unit knocked my socks off. This is a set of toys that’s clearly aimed at people a lot younger than I am but the quality and style of it make me love it more than I probably should. I love the attention to detail on theses figures, there is a level of care and love that you won’t find on any other toy line aimed at kids. Hell, you won’t find this high of a standard on most collector’s toy lines!

I cannot give this set and this toy line a higher review. I’ve absolutely become enamored of the Mighty World toys and their wide ranging selection of figures, playsets and vehicles. Whether you’re buying them for a child in your life or just to fool around with yourself I think everyone who likes toys owes it to themselves to pick up a set to check it out.

Mighty World
Hazardous Materials Unit
3” Scale
By: Mighty World
$7.99 at Tuesday Morning

I end up in Tuesday Morning stores every month or so, my wife likes to look around in there and they always have a nice assortment of random toys I can dig through. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, Tuesday Morning is sort of a Marshalls or TJ Maxx aimed at people more interested in slightly out of style decorations than in clothing. They range from “somewhat clean and organized” to “oh hell, who threw a grenade into the thrift store?”.

On my last visit I had a blast rummaging through a big selection of “Mighty World” toys, a line that’s clearly aimed at kids, and marvelling at the detailed accessories and vehicles. The sets were really impressive, they ranged from a small set that included a kid and an ATV all the way up to a MASSIVE construction play set that boasted a truck, Bobcat, cement mixer and lots more (day laborers sold separately).

It was really hard for me to decide which set to pick up and review, there were so many of them priced between $8 and $20 and there’s no guarantee anything would still be there if I decided to come back for another set. I looked at a motorcycle cop, a set with a horse and a river raft set before deciding on the Haz Mat Unit, mostly because they came with a robot.

Most of the Mighty World sets, including the one I’m looking at, come in a bright orange box that really looks attractive on the shelf. Even before they started showing up at discount shops I found myself drifting to the kid’s toys at Target to admire them. Some of the smaller sets come on a blister card, this includes the motorcycle cop and some of the single figure sets.

The packaging does a good job of showing you exactly what you’re going to get when you bring home these little men, showcasing them in different situations with some of their different accessories in action. I’d have liked to have seen a selection of some of the other sets that fall into the same theme as these guys bur overall the box serves it’s purpose well.

All of the items in the set are designed in a cartoonish style that looks like it’s just a step sideways from realistic. The details on the robot and all of the tools are really impressive, I think if you saw them on their own you’d never guess they were part of a set designed for kids.

The people, on the other hand, are decidedly unrealistic. They look like a blend of Playmobil figures and Adventure Heroes, two other successful toy lines. They’ve got a likable beefiness that not only makes them look tough but should extend the lives of the toys under the heavy hands of their intended audience.

There is actually a lot of well done paint work on these figures that gives you a sense of overall quality. From the silver parts of the tools to the lines on the characters suits there is a level of care that shows clearly on these small pieces.

The faces get all of their definition from paint alone. Both are bald headed and have great smirky expressions that you’d want to have on your Hazardous Materials team. The last thing we need is our bomb squad getting unsure of themselves at the wrong time!

There is a slot cut into the top of each of the figures’ heads that allows the helmets to plug in, preventing a tumble from compromising the structural integrity of the suits. While this set didn’t include any of them, some of the other sets come with hair pieces that will plug into those slots. It’s a nice touch that could have easily been left out so kudos to the team responsible.

The silver suited fella is the one that feels more like a Haz Mat specialist while the red suited chap leans more towards “just” a fireman. I think it would have made more sense to simply include 2 of the silver guy for consistency’s sake, especially since there are another couple of sets themed around firefighters, but I understand that kids may be more interested in variety than I am. Both guys have well appointed suits with just enough details. The helmets are nicely done and carry the same “just realistic enough” vibe that makes the rest of the set work so well.

The figures in this Mighty World set have a bit more articulation than I thought they would. They have cut joints at the shoulder, legs and wrists as well as a swivel head. The head was nice and allowed me to get some extra emotion in the pictures. While they won’t hold a candle to most collector aimed toy lines in posability they get the job done nicely because about the only thing these figures need to be able to do is hold their gear and sit in their vehicles.

The robot / bomb disposal unit / portable water spraying machine has a really impressive range of movement from it’s spraying arm as well as some cool shocks on it’s rubber tires. It has multiple hinge joints that allow you to stretch it way out to reach out of the way places or coil it up like a Snake Man, ready to strike.

The Haz Mat Team comes with a surprising amount of accessories. Loaded into the box is an axe, a hammer, 2 different types of shovels,a walkie talkie, a hosed fire extinguisher and 4 bright orange parking cones. If you count the helmets as accessories it brings the grand total up to 12 separate pieces, and that doesn’t even count the 2 people and the robot!

The tools (or is that weapons…) fit smoothly into the character’s hands and can easily get into several believable poses. You can make your little men earn their room and board, it’s even possible to get a 2 handed grip on the shovel with a handle so it looks like your fella is poised to dig up something.

The fire extinguisher doesn’t really work the way it’s supposed to, there’s a handle sculpted onto the nozzle but it’s way too small to be held by these figures. You can get the little guys to hold onto it where the hose connects though, so maybe that’s not actually a handle? The nozzle clips smoothly onto the main part of the extinguisher.

The parking cones are flat out AWESOME. They’re a good size, big enough to use with larger scale figures like MOTUC or DCUC but small enough to work for your GI Joes and Marvel Universe guys. You haven’t lived until you’ve had your minimate police officers give Mart McFly a parking ticket for parking in a coned off area. Or cordoned off the front door of Castle Grayskull for construction. The possibilities are limitless, and while I don’t think they’re quite worth the cost all by themselves, the parking cones are fantastic.

At the price I paid for this set it feels like an outstandingly good deal. There are just a massive amount of play options for anyone who decides to pick it up and the whole set is extremely well constructed. If you can find some of these sets at a discount you’ve got to check one of them out, especially if there’s a kid in your life who’d enjoy playing with them once you’re through.

If you don’t have a Tuesday Morning or similar store nearby(I saw them at Marshalls around Christmas time) then you can also check out the company’s website (www.mightyworld.com) for a really well done blog about the toys as well as a store that carries all of the products. For the MSRP they are still a really good buy considering the quality of the products. They have the Hazardous Materials Unit for $14.99.

At the end of the day, these are toys designed for kids to play with and to enjoy. They reach and FAR exceed that goal in my opinion. These are very sturdy toys that are FUN above and beyond everything else with plenty of options for an imaginative kid to use.

While the 2 men themselves are extremely stylized and exaggerated the rest of the pieces come off as almost realistic in scale. I could see them being used for GI Joes or other 4” scale toys to bring some variety into a display or a diorama.

The Mighty World brand is such a good toy line that it actually makes me wish I had a kid to play with them with. I cannot think of any better praise for a toy company and these toys come with my highest recommendation.