Mega Bloks

Spiderman Mega Blocks

Marvel Mega Bloks – Series 1
Spider-Man, Green Goblin, War Machine
2 Inch Scale
By: Mega Bloks

I bought these blind bag Marvel Mega Bloks, what seems like ages ago. I figured I might as well get around to reviewing them. As mini figures go, I quite like these. They have the identifiable characteristics of each Marvel hero/villain and they have a fair amount of articulation. I’m not sure if Mega Bloks is going to continue on with these series, but they are a lot of fun.

War Machine
Although they’re blind bagged, I was able to feel around and get the characters that I wanted. I believe there may be codes for these somewhere, but I can’t say for sure. Feeling around seemed to work pretty well and I was really happy to score the Green Goblin as he’s one of my favorites. I can only hope that they eventually release a Hobgoblin figure. Continue reading

Covenant Minifigure

Halo Minifigures Series 6
Copper Covenant Guard
1 1/2 Inch scale
By: Mega Bloks

One of things you’re going to see more coverage of here in the weeks and months ahead is more mini figure reviews. Why? Honestly, I feel like mini figures started as kind of a trend but I am starting to believe this may just be the future of action figures as we know them. This is easily the area where the most growth is coming in the toy aisles. There are literally dozens of different mini figures on the market and unlike the vinyl market, it seems to have not faded at all with time.

Halo Figures
Which brings me to the Halo mini figures. I know NOTHING about Halo. Never played a Halo game and likely never will. However I have picked up some other Mega Bloks through the years. They are some of the best mini figures around, so I decided I would pick up a Halo mini figure and see if it was a item I might like.

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