James Cameron

So by now you’ve probably heard that Avatar has become the highest grossing box office film of all time. In just a matter of weeks, Avatar has raked in more cash than any other film in the history of the genre. That’s a scary thought, isn’t it? What’s even scarier to me is that the overall consensus of the film seems to be “ho-hum” and that it’s lots of great effects with a average plot. Some people even say it’s basically Ferngully.

I personally haven’t seen the movie and have no real desire to. Everyone keeps telling me “You gotta go see Avatar” but then when I ask them why, they just tell me it’s got good special effects. I wrote months ago that the CGI looked cartoony to me, but I’m sure it looks better on the big screen. I just have no desire. I’ve never been one to go see movies based on their special effects.

What bothers me most is that this film is being touted as the movie that knocked off Titanic and will soon also probably hold the domestic box office records as well. There’s one slight problem with that, in my view. Titanic came out in 1997 and movie tickets were like $7. Now it’s at least $12 in most places to see a regular showing of Avatar, but the film is making 90% of it’s money on IMAX and 3D showings which can range up to $25 a ticket.

So if you factor in inflation, Avatar isn’t anywhere near the top. Not that I think Titanic’s throne needs to be defended, but I was always okay with Titanic being the #1 film. It was a sappy movie sure, but it had good FX, great actors, a solid love story and at least some basis on a truly compelling human interest tragedy. Now the #1 movie of all time is Tall Smurfs. If the world blows up tomorrow, I don’t want the human race going down with Tall Smurfs as it’s biggest box office film.

No sir, I don’t like it.

Over 4 million people downloaded or streamed the new trailer of James Cameron’s new Avatar movie this past weekend. Some people are saying it’s going to be the future of movies. Everyone says it’s amazing… What do I think?

Honestly, it looks mildly interesting. However the special effects look like cartoons in many of the shots. CGI has come a long way and this is supposed to be like the best CGI? Then why do some of the scenes look more like cartoons than The Phantom Menace?

I think CGI needs to be more properly implemented. So far I think only Guillermo del Toro truly understands how to use CGI melded with traditional suitimation, but maybe Cameron will prove me wrong. What do you say?

When Fox originally had this show on it’s lineup, I was intrigued. Not because I thought it was going to be a good show, but because I wondered how they would do it. I tuned into the pilot and found it passable. It wasn’t bad, but it had some serious flaws. There was too much time travel and I immediately thought the show was going to follow a bit of a Fugitive plot, where each week the Connors would run from Terminators.

I especially wasn’t thrilled with the idea of a Terminator getting killed every week. It took evrything including a MAC Truck to stop Arnold in the first movie, why can they now kill a Terminator in 10 minutes?

But I was wrong. As the first season carried on, I found out that the Terminator whom died in the first episode had not died at all. In fact, he’s went on to become the most FEARSOME Terminator ever. That’s right, he’s 200X more badass than any Arnold ever was. He makes the T-1000 look like a pansy.

Cromartie (That’s the one) is the ultimate badassery of machines. After being blown to bits in the pilot, he rebuilt himself, grew NEW skin by forcing the chemist who would eventually discover it anyway to create it for him. It sounds hokey, but it actually came off really well. The fact that he ran around for several episodes skinless, created one of the creepiest images in all of the Terminator mythos. These machines are unstoppable.

At first I thought the girl “good guy” Terminator was going to suck. But she doesn’t. She’s such a layered character. That’s one of the impressive things about this show. EVERYONE is layered with depth. There are lots of Terminators running around, but we rarely know what or why they are doing things. EVERYONE has a secret agenda in this show.

It’s a lot like Lost or Heroes, only it doesn’t get more stupid and convoluted as the weeks go on. There is a clear path and a method to this madness. It unfolds every week. Some stories are huge ones, some are minor. Each one is an important advancement in the plot. Every episode means something, even episodes that appear to be throwaways at the time.

As cool as Terminator 1 & 2 were (And I even liked 3) this is the best thing that’s ever happened to the Terminator franchise. The ratings are just average, so START watching this show. Download season 1, Netflix it, BUY it! Get it however you need to, because this show is REQUIRED viewing. It takes about 4 to 5 episodes for this show to really hit it’s groove, but by the time you make it to the Season Finale of the first season, you’re hooked. Season 2 has been better and better each episode.

This past week’s episode involved Skynet’s first involvement with time travel and how they actually screwed up and sent a Terminator back into the 1920’s. The story that unfolded from there was brilliant and really showed you just how perfectly all the pieces fit together. James Cameron couldn’t do any better.

In fact, the new Terminator: Salvation looks like utter shit compared to the TV show.

Here’s a sample of the awesomeness:

It’s one of the best shows on Television and you can BANK on it.