Daniel Benedict, creator of a lot of popular Masters of the Universe fan films is nearly over the hump on his new Kickstarter project, a retro 80’s horror film called “The Bloody Man”. Based off a concept that Benedict created when he was a kid, The Bloody Man promises to be part Friday the 13th, part Fright Night, part Nightmare on Elm Street and all parts fun! To make the movie even more authentic, classic Nightmare actresses Tuesday Knight and Lisa Wilcox will be part of the film. Along with Mercedez Varble, Roni Jonah and the lovely Katy Cusick.

But perhaps the coolest part of the Bloody Man film is Zoloworld working with them to create an exclusive action figure that’s going to be a big part of the film. Barbarian Man, is quite similar to Krysis, Conan and of course He-Man and will factor into the film as the main hero’s favorite toy. What’s even cooler about this and a big reason why you should back the film, is that the Barbarian Man action figure will come to life and be available as an exclusive through this Kickstarter. Imagine not only seeing a toy in the film, but being able to buy it. It’s tons of old school fun.

The Kickstarter ends on Halloween night at midnight and they are only about $1,000 away from their goal. If you’re a fan of 80’s toys, 80’s horror and good ol’ fashioned fun, this is definitely one to back. It’s got great people involved, as Zoloworld has produced tons of figures in the past few years, so you know they will hold up their end (unlike so many Kickstarters that never end up producing figures) and Daniel Benedict has done some fantastic short films like “Fall of Grayskull” and “Bunni” and this looks like it’ll be a top notch labor of love by all involved.

So let’s make this happen! You can back it here: TheBloodyMan.com

While many fans know of the similarities between John Blackstar and his cartoon adventures, to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, not everyone knows that Blackstar actually appeared in an episode of the original Filmation cartoon. Blackstar had been a Filmation cartoon just before Masters of the Universe and in many ways set the tone for the upcoming MOTU show. Incredibly, Filmation reused many character models, sound effects and backgrounds for their new He-Man show. Of course, this was often par for the course in those days.

Blackstar Statue in He-Man

But in the early Masters of the Universe first season episode, “Temple of the Sun”, a statue of John Blackstar appears. It’s only on the screen for a few seconds, but it’s clearly there. Blackstar’s Starsword is visible, as is his medallion. Clearly Filmation was putting this into the show as a nice little nod to their previous program, but it’s become much more than just a little Easter Egg. For fans of MOTU, this links the two programs together with a nod to the mythos of Blackstar.

Blackstar Statue2

Did Blackstar land on Eternia at some point? Was Blackstar’s adventures on an ancient Eternia? It would certainly explain many of the similarities. Ultimately this fun little throw away scene, has added a lot of intrigue and mystery to the Masters of the Universe lore. Something Filmation never would have known they were doing all those years ago.

Mattel has just announced that the popular Two-Bad figure will not be available on MattyCollector for day of sale purchases. This is apparently a last ditch effort to try and get more subscriptions for the 2014 Club Eternia. It remains one of the most interesting tactics that Mattel has tried, but it comes as no surprise to me. Despite the fact that Mattel recently said to me that logistics prevented them from revealing this stuff. If anything, I’m more shocked that it took them this long to announce it. I suspect they thought keeping this secret until now would help drum up some last minute sales. Unfortunately, it has the potential to backfire.

The whole purpose behind limiting day of sales for certain figures, in theory, would be that Mattel makes X amount of each figure and believes that certain figures aren’t popular enough to have any more than the bare minimum that the subscription is required to produce. Naturally, this is not the case for Two-Bad or anyone that Mattel has limited in DOS purchases up to this point.

Thus far, three people have been banned from day of sale purchases. Fang Man was first, and as one of the debut Filmation characters, he was very popular. He made no sense being produced in smaller quantities, but Mattel did it anyway. Next was Clamp Champ, who while lower on the vintage MOTU totem pole, was still a fairly popular character. Now we come to Two-Bad, arguably the most popular fully tooled vintage character left.

Why didn’t Mattel limit the production of Icarus? The figure that’s lining Big Lots shelves across the nation. What about those often unpopular She-Ra characters? Nope. It seems that the only figures that can be produced in smaller quantities are the popular, “fan demanded” toys. Mattel limiting DOS purchases of popular characters is flat out, a strong arm tactic to get people to buy the subscription. Continue reading

He-Man Mini Comic
Who exactly created He-Man may just be a mystery for the ages. Through the years no less than half a dozen different people have laid claim to being the creator of the mighty Master of the Universe. And now it’s at the center of a lawsuit as a new contender has sought to wrangle Eternia’s greatest hero in the courts. Donald Glut, author of the first few Masters of the Universe mini comics, claims that he is the man responsible for creating He-Man. Glut’s claim have some merit, as he definitely fleshed out some of the early mini comic mythos, that many consider the definitive He-Man.

Of course, Mattel quickly abandoned most of that history in favor of Lou Scheimer’s animated storylines. Currently Mattel’s brand manager Scott Neitlich is rewriting the mythos of He-Man to his own whim. Even if Glut was the sole creator of He-Man (and he most assuredly is not) he likely signed away any rights he ever had by doing “work for hire” in the 1980’s with Mattel. Essentially that means that he was never entitled to the rights to the creative input he had. It was the deal going in and he would have known that.

Glut has made comments in recent years that he deeply regretted ever working for Mattel in that fashion, basically indicating that he felt He-Man was stolen from him. He’s certainly not alone. Roger Sweet vehemently claims he created He-Man. Some within Filmation claim that Carol Lundberg is responsible for He-Man. Mark Taylor also claims to have created He-Man when he was just 11 years old. Then of course there’s plenty of Mattel executives who claim to have been instrumental in the creation. The Toy Masters documentary that may or may not ever see the light of day, was built around the argument between Sweet and Taylor, who most believe share credit in creating the character.

What makes Glut’s most recent lawsuit against Mattel interesting is that it’s taking place now. If Glut truly thought he was owed a stake in He-Man’s monetary reward, he probably should have tried to cash in during the 1980’s… You know, back when He-Man was a license to print money. I’m sure Glut has stewed over this for decades, but letting all that time pass has most assuredly destroyed what little chance he may have had in the first place.

Who’s up for a new MOTUC character named Liti-Gat-Or?

MOTUC 2013 Subscription Twitter Celebrity Campaign

So with all the hysteria going on about the MOTUC 2013 line being in trouble because of low subscription sales… I decided to do something. They said it couldn’t be done. But using my Z-list celebrity blogger status, I took to Twitter and sought out all my favorite superstar celebrities to see if they would help join the cause to save Masters of the Universe Classics.

MOTUC 2013 Subscription Campaign

In all honesty, I was bored and I felt like parodying some of the rather absurd campaigns I’ve seen to help save Masters of the Universe Classics. So I decided to send stupid tweets to low level celebrities (and a few big ones) to see if they would RT. People do this sort of dumb stuff for everything else, why not He-Man?

Twitter Celebrity Campaign

So I sent moderately annoying tweets to a variety of celebrities and people who may or may not be celebrities. I left no stone unturned, whether it was multiple Alf accounts or the host from Double Dare, Marc Summers, I made sure the people who needed to know about He-Man’s plight, heard.

MOTUC 2013 Subscription Twitter Celebrity Campaign

It was starting to seem like a lost cause… But then a beacon of hope!

Alan Thicke MOTUC at Infinite Hollywood

Alan Thicke, famed Canadian comedian and television’s Dr. Jason Roland Seaver from Growing Pains, heard the pleas. He responded to my call for celebrity help and sent in a funny tweet as well. After that I decided to call it a day and figured I’d done my job.

You’re welcome Mattel and fellow MOTU collectors.