Kreo Sgt. Drill and Zombie

Kre-O Cityville Invasion
Sgt. Drill & Zombie Soldier
1 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro

Hasbro’s Kre-O figures are one of my favorite new toylines of the past couple of years, but unfortunately they haven’t exactly taken the world by storm. Hasbro decided to push a smaller version, tied in with a game for tablets, called Cityville Invasion. These figures are smaller than the regular Kreo/Lego style figures, but use the same scale heads, hats and accessories. I picked up a set a while back in hopes of creating a custom Sgt. Slaughter.

Knockoff Lego
This set has two figures and is packed blind, like most mini blind bag toys out there these days. It didn’t take long for me to find them and they were available at most every retailer. I think these guys have since been clearanced out, so you may have to look a bit more for them. Is this Kreo 2 pack worth your money? Can you make a custom Sgt. Slaughter out of this set? Continue reading

hasbro wwf
This Classic Comic Ad comes from the days when Hasbro ruled the world of wrestling. Hasbro’s WWF line was in some ways a step backwards for wrestling toys and yet at the same time, it also represented a great step forward. With tons of intricate detail, cool accessories and one of the most colorful roster assortments of all time. Hasbro’s WWF line just about had it all and some awesome commercials featuring WWF superstars like Macho Man, Roddy Piper and the Ultimate Warrior didn’t hurt.

This advertisement is for Toys R Us, which was your go to place for Hasbro WWF. I recall once going into Toys R Us and they had a whole wall of WWF Hasbro figures. Just a ridiculously huge section, not unlike something you’d see in a commercial. These days Toys R Us still has a decent selection of Mattel’s WWE figures, but it’s just not the same. I can’t believe the old ring was only $12.99 either! I had to build myself a ring out of various junk around the house.

There’s a great assortment of figures here, with classics like the Big Bossman and Brutus Beefcake along with the staples like Andre, Hogan, Macho and the Warrior. I’m not entirely sure how Akeem got in there, but maybe someone was a fan of the Twin Towers. Those old caricature figures from Hasbro just had a lot of charm. Also fun to note that TRU is making sure you know they take credit cards, which is an absolutely antiquated idea these days.

Lizard Hasbro Figure

Amazing Spider-Man
Lizard “Deluxe”
8 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro

For the past few Marvel films, Hasbro has released these large 8 inch figures with minimal poseability and construction. While these figures aren’t the nicest, they generally have pretty good sculpts and are nice for younger children. I know I purchased a few of these for kids in my Angel Tree this year, because I knew they’d be a hit with the younger guys. This past week at TJ Maxx, I saw one of these on clearance for $4 and decided I’d pick one up for myself. I’ll buy almost anything for $4.

Amazing Spider-Man Lizard Toy
I was not a big fan of the Amazing Spider-Man movie, so I really didn’t have any intention of buying any of the figures from it. Although I must admit I did look at the Marvel Select Lizard a few times. Although the Lizard seemed to resemble the Goombas from the Super Mario Brothers movie, I found that in the actual film he looked more like a dinosaur. I definitely got a little bit of a Ymir feel from him, even though this figure still suffers a bit from the Goomba syndrome.

Bootleg Lizard
Despite all these things, can I come away liking this figure? Is this $4 well spent? Would this be a decent toy even at full price? The answer to these questions and more behind the cut. Continue reading


Iron Man Legends
Iron Man Mark 42
6 Inch Scale
By Hasbro

As much as I enjoyed Iron Man 3, the toys have really been a disappointment. The figures which launched in February had lame sculpts and even lamer articulation. On top of that, it was limited to only Iron Man and War Machine/Iron Patriot variants. A superhero toyline without villains is a sin, if you ask me. Diamond has shown off some Marvel Select figures of Iron Man Mark 42 and War Machine (with an Iron Patriot repaint also in the works), but despite being originally solicited for April release, they will apparently not reach stores until June. Only now are the movie based 6” Iron Man Legends figures reaching stores, so far limited to the Mark 42 armor and Iron Patriot. I have been waiting for a good action figure to represent the movie, so let’s open up Iron Man Mark 42 and see if he can fill the void in my heart… er… I mean, my collection. Continue reading

Marvel Legends Ultimate Cap

Marvel Legends
Ultimate Captain America
6 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro

There are many aspects of collecting that provide difficulties, from beating the dreaded scalper to the aisle, all the way down to having the funds to buy what we want. But the most frustrating of all is actually finding what we’re looking for. I’m a little bit old school in that regard: I could easily do the pre-order thing like most others do, and have for things I know will be hard to get (let’s face it: Florida is a literal swamp where things are hard to find in the toy world). But as far as having an actual reason to get out of the house for something other than work, then I still make the pilgrimage to Toys ‘R’ Us or the nearby big box boys Target and Wal-Mart. It was during such a run that I was finally able to snag an Ultimate Captain America.

If one were to go by the internet community, then Ultimate Cap has been “available” for several months now. I put the word in quotation marks as it appears that those who were able to procure him either ordered him online or somehow found him when Wave 4 of Marvel Legends hit the few stores that actually ordered the series (as of right now, my Target is still sitting at a fresh restock of Wave 1, and only scatterings of Wave 2 have been at my Wal-Mart).

That being said, Ultimate Cap was one of the few figures from the fourth wave of Hasbro’s resurrected Marvel Legends that I really wanted. I haven’t read a Marvel comic in years, so that ticked X-Force Wolverine off my list; I may snag Archangel, but I’ve slowly begun phasing X-Men out of my collection so that’s another low priority. Iron Fist (who is the running change for Protector) makes for some good Bronze Age charm, and even though he’s in his modern outfit it’s a welcome update; I have my eye on Red She-Hulk, and should the running changes happen (we’re still waiting on Wave 2’s changes with Moonstar and Blade, who has finally been announced) I will definitely get the Sentry and She-Hulk updates. Until I find those, I’m pretty good with just Cap. Continue reading