Gremlins 2
6 Inch Scale

Gremlins is one of those fantastic 80’s properties that transcends time. The original film is a genre bending horror/comedy that walks the line between being serious and having some downright truly horrific and creepy visuals, while also having some hilarity as well. Joe Dante really crafted a unique film that is loved by many and is a Christmas tradition in my household.

Gremlins 2 is a sequel also directed by Joe Dante and basically serves as a parody of the original film. Dante was upset that the original film was going to be turned into a franchise and so he got the studio execs to agree to let him direct the sequel and then intentionally tried to make the worst movie he could. Sadly, the studios were so inept to catch on because Gremlins 2 did everything that the studio no doubt wanted… It amped up all the humor elements and went over the top with everything, including but not limited Hulk Hogan and Bugs Bunny cameos.

The one “good” thing to come out of Gremlins 2, despite the fact that a majority of the cast got back together and the premise itself wasn’t terrible, is that many of the Gremlins designs were pretty neat. NECA has had the Gremlins license for a few years, but thanks to a re-release in Toys R Us, the line is actually back and stronger now than ever.
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