Here is one of my all time favorite video games. The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin for Sega Genesis. It was often just called “Spider-Man” and was a really excellent game for it’s time. Heck it was an excellent game for ANY time.

Not only did you have a ton of Spider-man’s cool powers, but you also had to take pictures with your camera to help Peter Parker keep his job at the Daily Bugle. The storyline was fun and you encountered pretty much all of Spider-man’s classic foes. Plus the game created lots of mini-boss characters like the infamous “Forklift Driver” who became something of an urban legend in my neck of the woods.

After you fight through all the villains you finally make it to Kingpin… Man was he tough to beat or what?! Apparently there was also a Sega CD version that added some new levels and cut scenes. I never did play that, although I owned a Sega CD.

This was seriously a great game and if you’re looking for a fun older 16-bit game or a throwback Spider-man title, this is one to check out. The ad doesn’t really capture the magic too much, but it’s got some cool artwork and tells a lot about the game.