Fruit Snacks

Ninja Turtles Fruit Snacks
I consider myself a bit of a fruit snack connoisseur. Through the years I’ve eaten tons of these rubbery, “fruit” products. Oddly enough, as a child I almost never had fruit snacks. It just wasn’t the sort of thing my parents would allow in the grocery budget. Once I started buying my own food though, fruit snacks became a staple.

Donatello and April
In the early 90’s a company named Farley’s made TMNT fruit snacks. In 2003, Betty Crocker got the green machine to do another round of fruit snacks. Now here we are in 2013 and the turtles are once again in fruit snack form. These fruit snacks seem much more a kindred spirit in shape and design to the vintage Farley’s fruit snacks despite once again being made by Betty Crocker.

The side of the box shows off the shapes and flavors of the six various Ninja Turtles fruit snacks. It’s interesting to note that this is more flavors and shapes than the 2003 version, but not as many as the 1990’s version. I like that these are simple designs as opposed to the more overly complex shapes.

Fruit Rat
This is also only the second time that Splinter has appeared as a fruit snack. He was a late addition to the original 1990’s fruit snacks after the second TMNT film. Sadly the snack of Splinter looks more like a hovercraft or the Batmobile than the Turtle’s sensai. Continue reading

In the early 1990’s, 7-Up stumbled onto a marketing bit of gold as they used their infamous red dot to become “Cool Spot”. This character soon became a household name right up there with the Noid and Spudz McKenzie. Today’s Classic Comic Ad introduces us to 7-Up Sodalicious fruit snacks.

Clearly these snacks are being sold on the power of Cool Spot. Of course fruit snacks were a big staple of the early 90’s as well, so these two make a perfect marriage. I suspect lots of kids were the talk of the town with these 7-Up fruit snacks in their lunch boxes. Sadly I never had any as my parents rarely if ever bought me fruit snacks.

I did play the Cool Spot video game a few times though and I had a plush Noid… So it wasn’t all bad.